Price list varicose vein treatment

Costs without referral 

Consultation phlebologist + duplex examination (with referral)via health insurance*
Uninsured intake + duplex€ 300,-
Varicose vein treatment by injections
Sclerocompression therapy per leg/treatment€ 175,- 
Compression stockings, a piece€ 20,-
Shower sleeve, a piece€ 20,-

please take the mandatory excess amount of your insurance

Surgical procedures non-insured care

Phlebectomy according to the Müller method one-sided VNUS/EVLT

€ 1.250,-
VNUS/EVLT one-sided€ 1.350,-
Phlebectomy according to the Müller method double-sided in one session€ 1.750,-
VNUS/EVLT double-sided in one session€ 1.850,-
VenaSeal method one-sided€ 2.500,-
VenaSeal method double-sided in one session€ 2.900,-
ClariVein method one-sided€ 1.650,-
ClariVein method double-sided in one session€ 2.350,-

These adjusted prices apply as of 1 September 2018.

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