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Earlobe correction

An earlobe correction is done to simply correct and reconstruct earlobes that are too long or large, torn, or stretched. It is a relatively minor procedure, performed under local anaesthesia. We can reduce the size of the earlobes and suture and repair torn and gauged earlobes. We can also bring protruding earlobes closer to the side of the head.

  • Simple correction of your earlobes
  • Procedure performed under local anaesthesia
  • Day case treatment: you will go home the same day
  • Treatment plan based on your complaints
  • Our plastic surgeons are affiliated with the Dutch Societies for plastic surgery (NVPC and NVEPC)
  • Intake consultation within two weeks

Results earlobe correction

The healing of scars is different for every person. The scar may already be almost invisible after a few months. This depends on the type of skin.


“As I became older, I noticed that my earlobes started to sag. I like to wear earrings and this started to hurt and it also didn’t look as nice as it once did. During the earlobe correction, my earlobes were made tighter again and I’m really glad with the result.”

“I joined the fashionable trend by which your earlobes are enlarged with so-called tunnels. I didn’t think that I would come to regret this terribly at some point in my life. But I did, because when I took the tunnels from my earlobes, I was left with big holes. Luckily, this was repaired with the earlobe construction.”

“I used to wear heavy earrings for many years and as I grew older, my earlobes became saggy and wrinkled. As this doesn’t look very nice, I wanted to make them tighter again. Afterwards, I was able to wear my beautiful earrings again.”

Plastic surgeons

During the first consultation, you and the attending plastic surgeon will discuss the earlobe correction. Our surgeons specialise in performing earlobe corrective procedures and we will guide you through the preparation, the treatment itself, and the aftercare.

Costs and reimbursement earlobe correction

An aesthetic earlobe correction will always be at your own expense. The costs depend on the type of procedure we have to perform. Below you will find an indication of the costs. If you want a full overview of the treatment costs, then please contact the consultant for a quotation.

Earlobe correction one earlobefrom €600
Earlobe correction both earlobesfrom €800


In most cases, the repair surgery of a torn earlobe will not be covered by the health insurer. This means that you have to pay for it yourself. The health insurer may cover the costs in some cases, for example when there is a medical indication.

The surgery

Before we start the surgery, we make a few photos for your medical file. This allows us to clearly see the result of the earlobe corrective surgery. The plastic surgeon then marks the area he needs to work on and administer the local anaesthesia. The injecting of the sedation fluid can sometimes give a somewhat burning sensation. The skin can also temporarily become a bit swollen and pale in colour. The treatment area is protected with a sterile cloth.

Torn earlobe

When correcting a torn earlobe, we make a small incision and remove part of the earlobe. The surgeon will sear small blood vessels that may start to bleed. He then stitches or tapes the edges of the wound together and the wound is covered with a plaster.

Earlobe reshaping or reconstruction

When the earlobe has sagged and stretched, a complete revision of the earlobe is often necessary in order to adjust the size and shape of the earlobe. In this case, the stitches and, therefore, also the scar will be on the underside of the earlobe.

When new earring holes have to be made, the specialist will keep the holes open with a silicon tube that you need to wear for another two weeks. This tube is replaced by a special piercing earring after two weeks. Please bring this type of earring to the check-up appointment so your specialist can replace the tube with the earring.

After the procedure

You can go home after about an hour after the procedure has taken place. Please arrange for someone to come and collect you as you are not allowed to drive yourself.

After the procedure, the small wounds are covered with plasters that will protect the treatment area. This is sufficient for most procedures and it will not be necessary to wear a head bandage. Keep the treatment area as clean as possible by using the special plasters or tape. If you have sutures, we will remove them after a week when we check the recovery process.

You can take some pain relief medication if you experience pain after the procedure. Please make sure that you take paracetamol and not aspirin. This is because aspirin increases the chance of bleeding.

We advise you not to expose the scars to the sun during the first six months after the surgery. Ultraviolet radiation has a negative effect on scars as it may cause them to stay red for an unnecessarily long time. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight can disturb the pigmentation in the treated area, making the scar darker than the surrounding skin. It is best to cover the scars completely during the first three months after the treatment by applying sunblock.

Risks and complications

It is important that you realise that any cosmetic procedure has its risks and chance of complications, even though these complications are (extremely) rare with an earlobe correction. Our professional cosmetic surgeons will make sure that the risks will be minimal. Possible other complications that may occur are:


  • Blood accumulation underneath the skin
  • Allergic reaction to the sedation
  • Wound infection
  • Bleeding

Very rare

  • Difference in sensation in the earlobe
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Visible scars
  • Dissatisfaction with the result

If you experience any unexpected problems, such as an infection of the wound, you should contact us immediately.

Frequently asked questions


Yes, you will be able to wear earrings again after the earlobe correction. However, we advise you wait six months before you have your ears pierced again. This is because the tissue needs sufficient time to heal and recover.


You will feel nothing of the procedure itself as we use a local anaesthesia. If you experience any pain afterwards, you can take some paracetamol.


After the earlobe correction, you can sleep in any position you like. Please realise that your ears may feel sensitive during the first few days, so sleeping on your side may be a bit uncomfortable at first.


You can go back to work immediately after the earlobe correction. You will only have plasters on your earlobes.

Make an appointment

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