Prices breast augmentation 

The prices and costs for a breast augmentation depend on the type of breast implant and treatment. During the first free consultation at Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen, we will choose the best treatment method that will match your wishes and the possibilities.

Average starting prices breast augmentation

We will give you an overview of the overall costs during the first consultation prior to the breast augmentation procedure. Below you will find an indication of the average costs for breast augmentation treatments including implants.

Breast augmentationPrice
With round Motiva breast implants
(incl. DBIR registration and emdaplast bra)
€ 4.000,-*
With ergonomic Motiva breast implants
(incl. DBIR registration and emdaplast bra)
€ 4.100,-**
*surcharge round implants of more than 600 cc€ 300,-
*surcharge ergonomic implants of more than 600 cc€ 350,-
With Monobloc implants
(incl. DBIR registration and emdaplast bra)
€ 3.950,-
Surcharge Monobloc implants of more than 600 ccfree of charge
Surcharge implant exchange€ 600,-
Breast lift/augmentation by lipofilling€ 5.000,-
Each follow-up session€ 4.500,-

What determines the price of a breast augmentation?

The costs for the breast augmentation depend on the type of treatment. We will be able to answer the question of how much a breast augmentation will cost in a personal conversation. The costs will then be calculated based on the current state of your breasts, specific wishes, and the type of implants. For an indication of the costs, you should need to take the following aspects into account:

  • There are many types and sizes of breast implants. The costs for the breast augmentation depend on the brand and type of implant.
  • We use the following brands: MotivaMentorand Monobloc Hydrogel.
    • The round breast implants are less expensive than the teardrop-shaped implants.
    • Breast augmentation procedures without implants but by using your own body fat (lipofilling) are more affordable than breast augmentations with implants.

When you decide to come to Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen for the breast augmentation, you will find that all costs are included in the total price. From the first consultation to the preparation and the aftercare, there is no need to worry about any additional costs. If you have questions about breast augmentation, please check our frequently asked questions page.

The type of breast implants

When performing breast lift/augmentation treatments, we only used certified and medically responsible breast implants. In addition, we also offer the option of breast lift/augmentation through lipofilling.

Round breast implants

For the round, silicone-filled breast implants, we use the brands Motiva and Mentor. Additionally, we offer the breast implants of the brand Monobloc Hydrogel. The Monobloc® Hydrogel-CMC filling consists for 96.3% of a saline solution and the rest is a special type of cellulose (CMC). CMC is a water-soluble cellulose which is why it is added to the saline solution as a thickener. Depending on your wishes and the findings of the attending surgeon, we will decide which implants will be used.

Teardrop-shaped (anatomical) breast implants

For the anatomical silicone-filled breast implants, we use the brands Motiva and Mentor. Besides the round breast implants, Mentor also has anatomically shaped breast implants. The anatomical model of the Motiva breast implant contains the Ergonomix gel, which makes the implant settle as an anatomical breast implant. The Monobloc Hydrogel offers no anatomical implants.

Lipofilling (fat transfer)

In addition to breast augmentations using implants, increasingly more procedures are done by lipofilling (fat transfer). This is a filling made of own fat tissue, by which we can enlarge the breasts up to one cup size. For more information about this technique, please visit our page about lipofilling.

Reimbursment costs breast augmentation 

In some cases, the costs for the breast augmentation will be reimbursed by your health insurer. This will require a medical indication and you need to apply for the reimbursement with your health insurer. Please bear in mind that health insurers generally apply the following guidelines:

  • There is no breast development. An indication of no breast development is given when you have less than 1 centimetre of gland tissue and there is no visible crease underneath the breast.
  • Volume loss in one breast, for example due to breast amputation as a result of illness or injury.

 Breast augmentation treatments are not reimbursed when:

  • The breast augmentation is done for cosmetic reasons
  • There is a congenital difference in size between the breasts
  • Psychological complaints

‘I was first treated by Dr van Selms in 2003 and he performed the implant exchange with just as much involvement, a listening ear, and wonderful service. Dr Selms is a true professional who really takes your own feelings into account.’

‘Friendly staff, they make you feel comfortable and at ease. Perfect care. Excellent result. My health insurer reimbursed all the costs for the breast augmentation. No pain or complications. Dr Winters and team, thank you!’

‘I certainly recommend the Jan van Goyen clinic! Both my surgeon (Dr M. Buncamper) and the staff are experts in their fields, and they are kind and involved. The aftercare was top-quality as well. I’m very satisfied with this experience.’

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