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Do you suffer from excessive sweating under the armpits? Or do you need to apply an antiperspirant very often? 1 in 10 people suffers from excessive sweating. Taking showers and the use of deodorants are not enough to get through the day without sweating. This can restrict someone’s social life and it can also affect your clothing.

Our dermatologists help people to be free of excessive sweating by applying the MiraDry treatment. This treatment is quick, non-invasive, and is carried out in the physician’s treatment room. The MiraDry treatment gives the exact dose of energy to the area where the sweat glands of the armpits are located and eliminates them non-invasively. As the sweat glands to not return or grow back after the treatment, the result of this treatment is permanent. The result is noticeable very quickly; you can already expect a reduction in sweating right after the treatment, with a minimal recovery time.

Experience miraDry treatment

Marleen: “No more fear of getting sweat stains in my clothing, fewer pieces of clothing to wash, and no more hair under my armpits. Having to lay there with my arms up for 90 minutes was completely worth it. Thanks to the sedation, the treatment was painless. I could consider having a second treatment at some point as I still sweat a little bit every now and then. But for the moment, I am very happy after just one treatment!”


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