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We use fillers to make the skin firm and youthful again. As the skin starts to lose its elasticity and can start to sag from the age of 25, we get wrinkles and creases. Fillers can be used to fill these unwanted creases and wrinkles and to accentuate the contours of your face. These treatments can be done, for example, to fill the crease between the nose and lips, for the correction of sagging corners of the mouth, and to accentuate the cheekbones. Fillers are also used to rejuvenate the lips. In just one treatment, your face will regain its natural contours and smoother and firmer skin, giving you a fresher and younger appearance. Our specialist physicians are experts in treatments with fillers and always aim for the most natural result. They will gladly give you honest and personal advice for your complaints and treatment options.

The filler treatment refills the wrinkles and creases, after which you will enjoy a more youthful and fresher appearance. Our highly experienced physicians have performed thousands of filler treatments and make sure that the treatment is completely painless.


Our expert physicians perform treatments that will take only 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Treatment is more or less painless
  • Immediately visible result
  • Hardly any side effects

Make your free intake consultation appointment now. For more information about fillers, please contact us at 020 – 3055 874 or injectables@jvg.nl.

Treating surgeons

During the free and non-committal first consultation, your wishes and options are discussed with the attending physician. Our highly experienced and specialist physicians also offer their personal guidance and support if you have a fear of needles.

Prices of filler treatments

You find the prices for the various filler treatments in the table below. The first consultation is free and non-committal.

Restylane - Juvederm - Belotero - Price
0,5 ml€ 300,-
1 ml€ 500,-
1,5 ml€ 750,-
2 ml € 800,-
2,5 ml € 1.100,-
3 ml € 1.300,-
3,5 ml € 1.500,-
4 ml € 1.600,-
Iedere extra 0,5 ml € 250,-
1 ml€ 400,-
Treatment (3x)€ 1.050,-
2 ml (hyaluronic acid)€ 350,-
Treatment (3x)€ 900,-

Prijzen van overige injectables

Injectables Prijs
2 ml (hyaluronzuur)€ 350,-
Kuur (3x)€ 900,-
1,5 ml€ 600,-

Make your free intake consultation appointment now. For more information about fillers, please contact us at 020 – 3055 874.


Fillers will give you a younger, fresher, and firmer appearance. The result of the filler treatment will be visible very quickly, but it will change over the first weeks. The effect of a filler treatment lasts 6 to 12 months on average. In this period, the skin will produce more collagen, making a next filler treatment even more effective and longer-lasting.

Experiences with fillers

Read some of our clients’ experiences below.

“The first time I came in for a filler treatment, I was very nervous. Looking back, this was completely unnecessary. The physicians really make you feel at ease and talk you through the entire treatment, from the consultation to what I need to do after the treatment. I have been coming here for 4 years already, and I really don’t want anything else. A truly magnificent result!”

Els – aged 44

“I found it quite hard to make the final step and make an appointment for a consultation. But now I’m really glad I did. I have had 5 treatments so far, and I can really recommend it to everyone. As they said, you see the result right away and you are all set for the next couple of months.”

Miranda - aged 35

“The attending physicians helped me extremely well. For a number of years, I had been suffering from a tired look and really looked a few years older than I actually was. I was fed up with this after a while, so I decided to make an appointment at Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen. During the first consultation, I was completely confident that I had come to the right place and we scheduled the treatment right away. I now have a lot fresher appearance and I feel much better about myself.”

Anne-Marie – aged 32

Filler treatments

For filling up your wrinkles and lips you can go to Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen.

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, you will have a free and non-committal consultation with one of our attending cosmetic surgeons. During this appointment, we will discuss your medical history and general health condition. Your wishes with regard to the cosmetic treatment and an examination of your face will then determine which treatment is most effective. You and the physician will decide on the treatment plan so you will get the optimal result.

The procedure

The treatment consists of a number of injections administered through a fine needle. The base ingredient of the fillers is hyaluronic acid. The fillers are then injected into the skin in a specific pattern. Depending on the filler treatment, we can sedate the treated area locally with an anaesthetic fluid or cream. The treatment will take about 20 to 30 minutes. For more information about our filler treatments or to make an appointment, please contact us 020 – 3055 874 or injectables@jvg.nl.

After the treatment

After the filler treatment, the skin of the treated area can be a bit red and you can experience some swelling. To reduce the swelling and minimise the chance of small bruises, the treated area can be cooled with a cold compress immediately after the treatment. The first few days, your skin can be a bit swollen and show some blue discolouring as a result of the injections. This is normal and will go away of its own accord. If you experience some bruising, we advise you to avoid exposure to sunlight in order to prevent the development of pigment spots. We also advise you to refrain from visiting a sauna, solarium, or swimming pool until 2 weeks after the treatment to avoid infections.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

Fillers consist of a substance that is injected into the skin using a thin hypodermic needle. Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen generally uses fillers that are based on hyaluronic acid and which are completely degradable. Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance which ensures the retention of water, keeping the skin firm. As we become older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin reduces and our skin loses its firmness and creases will develop. Our fillers replace the natural hyaluronic acid by forming small cushions in the skin, thus perfectly filling the wrinkles and creases.

Will the costs be covered by the injurance?

Generally speaking, a filler treatment will not be reimbursed by your health insurer as there usually is no medical indication to carry out the treatment. If you have any questions about this, we advise you to contact your health insurer.

Frequently asked questions about fillers

What are fillers?

Fillers are a type of injectables and can be the perfect solution If you want to look younger immediately. Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is already found in our body. Fillers can add volume to your lips or face, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Fillers are cheaper than a facelift and ensure a natural result, making them a very popular alternative to other similar treatments.

Are fillers safe?

At Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen, we only use degradable fillers, based on endogenous substances. This will make any allergic reaction highly unlikely. When necessary, the filler is also dissolvable which makes these treatments extremely safe.

Are filler treatments painful

Filler treatments are more or less painless. If you are very sensitive to pain, we can use some local anaesthetic fluid or cream to numb the treated area.

What support and guidance is offered?

At Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen, personal guidance and support are key. If you have a fear of needles, for example, please let your attending surgeon know in time. We will arrange for some extra time and support to make sure that you are completely comfortable and at ease.

How long does the filler treatment take?

Depending on your wishes, the treatment will take 20 to 30 minutes.

What must I do or avoid after the treatment?

You can shower and go back to work immediately after the treatment. We advise you not to wear makeup within the first 4 hours after the treatment. We also advise you not to use a solarium and to avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible during a week after the treatment. 

Do fillers have any side effects?

After the treatment, the skin is usually a bit red and swollen. This feeling will disappear quickly. When you have a thin skin type, you may experience some bruising which can be visible for a few days.

What can I do to prepare for the treatment?

10 days before the treatment, you can start taking Arnica tablets. This will reduce the chance of bruising. It also helps if you avoid taking aspirin and do not drink alcohol and green tea. These are all blood thinning products and will increase the chance of bruising.

Plan a non-committal appointment

Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen specializes in injectable treatments. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for an injectable treatment? To inform you we offer a consult free of charge. To make an appointment please contact us via telephone number 020-3055874 or send an e-mail to injectables@jvg.nl. You can reach us during office hours between 08:30 – 17:00 hours. Also you are welcome to visit our evening consultation on Wednesday.

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