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Winter time = leg time

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Winter is the perfect time to give your legs a good maintenance because several treatments are usually needed to achieve the desired result, where it is not desirable to go into the sun with your legs. So if you decide to take care of your legs this winter, you can go outside again in the spring with nice smooth legs. Smooth, evenly colored and shiny legs are the ideal of beauty.

At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen (Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen) you have come to the right place for a maintenance service for your legs:

Varicose Vein Treatments
Did you keep your legs covered last summer? Because you suffer from varicose veins? Shame, and not necessary. There are excellent safe and simple treatments to get rid of varicose veins. Immediately after the treatment of about fifteen minutes, the daily activities can be resumed. So start the treatment now so that your legs can be seen again in the summer!

Farvarious skin therapeutic treatments:

  • An IPL hair removal treatment with long-lasting hair-free results – IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a controlled flash of light that intervenes in the melanin, both in the hair and in the skin, depending on the strength of the light. Shaving always leaves a dark shade and you have to repeat it daily. Waxing remains a weekly activity. Flashes (IPL) can keep hair away for months.
  • Fractional Co2 laser for scars and pigmentation spots
    If the legs are marred by small scars as a result of falls, excessive and incorrect hair removal such as epilation, or by pigmentation spots (sun damage), the Fractional Co2 laser is used. The laser light evaporates skin layers in a very targeted way, making specific problems such as thickened scars or the edges of slightly deeper scars less visible. The redness of scars is also significantly reduced. And in the case of pigment spots, the pigment cells are dissolved by the laser beam.
  • Peeling for smooth legs
    Ultra-smooth legs are a statement of glamor and a must-have for many women. It is possible to give the skin of the legs a peeling. This peeling is usually based on glycolic acid, a fairly mild but very effective acid that smoothes the skin and refreshes the complexion of the skin. This peeling can also be used for minor acne on the buttocks or thighs. Just like for refreshing the décolleté skin and the top of the back.

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