Varicose veins during pregnancy

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The doctors of Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen regularly receive pregnant women who suffer from varicose veins. The women are helped in the center in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid by dermatologist Drs. Annigje Jensema, phlebologist Drs. Kajal Surajbali and surgeon Dr. Clarissa van Vlijmen. Together they tell what the complaints look like and what they can do about it.

Doctor Surajbali explains: “Many women develop varicose veins during pregnancy or experience symptoms of existing varicose veins. A frequently heard complaint is having tired and/or restless legs or an increase in the number of varicose veins.”

“There are several explanations for these complaints during pregnancy, according to Doctor Surajbali:
– A changing hormone level. This can cause artery walls to become weaker.
– A growing uterus. As a result, the backflow of blood from the legs to the heart can take place less well and congestion occurs in the legs.
– A greater amount of circulating blood in the mother during pregnancy.”

Doctor Jensema adds: “It is not yet known why one person develops varicose veins and the other does not. There are all kinds of factors that can play a role. Some of these are hereditary factors, gender (more often women), a standing profession, but as mentioned also pregnancy. Varicose veins are generally not treated during pregnancy. However, compression tights are often prescribed and we advise you to come by 6 months after the birth and after breastfeeding has been discontinued for an evaluation. Some of the varicose veins can disappear after childbirth.

“We can quickly remedy a large part of the varicose vein complaints. This does not compromise the care of the children.”

Doctor van Vlijmen explains what a varicose vein treatment at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen looks like: “During the first consultation, an intake takes place and an echo-duplex device is used to check whether there are any malfunctioning valves in the vessels. . Such an examination is comparable to an ultrasound examination at the obstetrician, but this time not of the abdomen, but of the legs. If varicose veins are indeed detected, you will either come to me for an internal (endovenous) laser treatment or to my colleagues for an injection, for example. This depends on the severity of the varicose veins.

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The duration of a treatment also depends on the severity and extent of the varicose veins. We determine this in an initial consultation. When a patient carries a referral letter, such an initial consultation is always reimbursed by the health insurers. In order to qualify for reimbursement for further treatment, the insurers set a number of conditions. At the end of the consultation, we let the patient know if she is eligible.” In any case, it is always worthwhile to come by with complaints, says Doctor Surajbali: "There are enough women who have been walking around with complaints since pregnancy and think that it is not bad enough to be referred to us by the GP. . Sometimes they don't come until the kids are a bit older. They didn't have time to think about themselves before. That is a shame, because a large part of the complaints is often resolved after the laser treatment at the surgeon or by injecting.

A relatively simple procedure, in which the care for the children is not compromised. After all, you are home the same day and in principle you can continue with your normal activities!”

Do you also suffer from varicose veins and would you like to come by for a consultation? Please contact Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen via telephone number: 020-3055 800 or via e-mail:

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