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Muller Phlebectomy

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Spataderen verwijderen met Müller Flebectomie

Muller Phlebectomy

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Spataderen verwijderen met müller flebectomie

Müller phlebectomy is a patient-friendly treatment method for removing varicose veins when even larger visible varicose veins remain after closure or removal of the main vein. Under local anesthesia, small cuts of 2-3 mm are made in the skin above the varicose veins. The veins are pulled out of the skin and removed with a small crochet hook. The puncture holes are so small that suturing is not necessary. The method gives much better cosmetic results than the old-fashioned method where large scars are made. Cuts are covered with adhesive plasters. After the treatment you wear an elastic stocking for 1 week.

Reimbursement for Müller phlebectomy

A referral letter for the first consultation, including vascular examination (duplex), is required in connection with the reimbursement thereof. Without a referral letter, these costs are for your own account.
After the vascular examination, it is known whether it concerns a medical or cosmetic treatment. If it concerns a cosmetic treatment, you must pay for the treatment yourself. This also applies to the stockings. If it concerns medical treatment, the costs will be submitted to your insurer.

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