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Varicose vein care at Jan van Goyen, both insured and uninsured

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Varicose veins can be a barrier both cosmetically and physically. Whatever the reason you have: having a varicose vein treated or examined can never hurt.

”These days, varicose veins are fairly easy to treat,” says Dr. C. van Vlijmen, varicose vein surgeon at the Jan van Goyen Medical and Aesthetic Center. Her expertise lies in the endovenous treatment of varicose veins. "For both the simple procedures and the surgical treatments, the treatments last no longer than an hour and you can resume your daily activities within a day." In a conversation with the doctor, we learn more about varicose veins and the possible treatments at Jan van Goyen.

How do varicose veins arise?
Van Vlijmen: “The heart pumps blood through the human body via the blood vessels. Due to the pump function, the blood flows back up. There are valves to ensure that the blood goes up and does not flow back into the leg. When these valves no longer close properly, the blood flows back into the leg, causing varicose veins.”

“You can go to Jan van Goyen with or without a referral from your GP”

“It may be that people experience little or no trouble from a varicose vein. However, it does not hurt to have a varicose vein looked at and possibly treated. In the long term, varicose veins can be a sign of problems such as inflammation of the veins and thrombosis. Of course, this does not always have to be the case, but contrary to popular belief when there are no complaints of the varicose veins, we recommend that you at least have it looked at.”

When is a varicose vein treatment insured and when not?
“People can go to Jan van Goyen for treatment of varicose veins, both with and without a referral from their GP.

When someone is referred by a general practitioner, the phlebologist will assess whether the treatment falls under insured or uninsured care. So this depends on the situation. The referral to Jan van Goyen can be made via ZorgDomein, a party that promotes lines between care providers. If someone has been treated more often for a varicose vein in the previous year, it is possible to make an appointment immediately for a repeat of the treatment. In most cases, this is because in most cases no extensive research is needed.

If someone for cosmetic reasons would like to be treated for his or her varicose veins, they can contact us directly, without a referral letter.”

What can one expect at Jan van Goyen?
“During the first visit, the complaints and risk factors are first discussed with the patient. The leg in question is examined in order to get an idea of the stage in which the veins of the leg are. Next, we create an echo duplex. With this ultrasound we get a more detailed picture of exactly where the varicose veins are and what the nature of the problem is. That way we can assess which treatment is needed in that case.”

What do your patients prefer: injection or surgery?
“That is completely dependent on the varicose vein. There are different treatment methods. For example, some varicose veins can be treated directly by a phlebologist, but surgery may also be necessary. There is no need to fast for either treatment. The recovery time due to the new developments is many times shorter. In principle, a person can resume their daily activities after 24 hours. In addition, we receive many questions from people about the duration of wearing stockings after the treatment. That is also very good. With an injection treatment, the advice is to wear a stocking for about a week, with the operative treatment in general only 24 hours. “

How should I envision a treatment with injections?
“Some varicose veins can be treated directly by the phlebologist, by means of an injection. The phlebologist uses a liquid or a foam solution (foam) for this. It is a fairly simple treatment with a very short recovery time. We therefore see many people coming back for this treatment for cosmetic reasons, for example when new varicose veins have developed.”

And surgery, is that a major operation?
“That sounds more intense than it is. When the causes of the varicose vein are slightly deeper, surgical treatment is usually required. The surgical treatments are called endovenous treatments. The surgeon assesses the situation and sees what is needed. We choose between laser treatment or VNUs treatment, the latter of which uses radio waves. In both treatments, the varicose vein is fused shut from the inside, as it were.

It is good to know that the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. The patient does not have to be sober during the surgical procedure. From arrival to after the treatment takes an average of one hour. Thanks to the latest techniques, only a small puncture hole needs to be made. As a result, the recovery time is many times shorter compared to the outdated techniques and the risk of complications is nil.” Endovenous treatment is also often applicable for varicose veins that have re-emerged after previous surgical treatment.

“Surgical procedure: you do not need to be sober and the visit takes an average of one hour in total.”

You work with a relatively young team, isn't that difficult?
“Our people are indeed young, but they have already earned their spurs. Moreover, our team is very well informed about the latest treatment methods. We see it as our duty to keep abreast of the latest developments. Some of us also participate in major studies in phlebological medicine.”

Would you like to know more about the treatment of varicose veins or do you have a specific question that you would like to ask Dr. C. van Vlijmen or one of our phlebologists? Please feel free to contact our phlebology department at:

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