Tummy tucks: question & answer

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Sometimes the skin of your abdomen can slacken so severely that you are dissatisfied with your abdomen. If this bothers you, you can tummy tuck consider. This month we made an appeal on social media to our followers to ask us their questions about tummy tucks. Plastic surgeons Dr. Joyce Florisson and drs. Josien van der Meer to give in this article answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When do you do a tummy tuck?
Joyce: 'Due to extreme weight loss, pregnancy, aging or abdominal operations, the abdominal wall sometimes weakens. A tummy tuck can then be a solution. The skin is tightened again and if necessary we will strengthen the abdominal muscles again. There are different types of tummy tucks. During a personal consultation, we look at which correction fits best.'

Am I eligible for a tummy tuck?
Josien: 'Whether someone is eligible for a tummy tuck is discussed and assessed at the outpatient clinic during the consultation. The goal of a tummy tuck is a tighter stomach, without excess skin. Being overweight is not an indication for performing a tummy tuck. Because of the possible complications, it is more an argument not to perform this procedure. If you are overweight, we advise you to lose weight first.'

How does the operation go?
Joyce: 'The operation takes place under general anaesthetic. We always make sure that the scars are as inconspicuous as possible and, where possible, hidden under the underwear. After the operation you will be given pressure clothing that you must wear for six weeks. You always stay overnight at Jan van Goyen. In principle you can go home the day after the operation.'

How long does the recovery take?
Josien: 'In general, recovery takes six weeks. Depending on the extent of the surgery, this may vary. During these six weeks you will wear compression clothing around the abdomen and you will be advised not to exercise or do heavy lifting/do physical work. If you have small children, it is important to keep this in mind. During the six weeks you slowly build up this load again to the level you were used to before the operation.' 

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