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How to protect your skin from the sun after plastic surgery

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You may think you know everything about sunscreen. Still, we can probably tell you something new when it comes to protecting your skin and this is especially important after surgery or cosmetic treatment. There is a lot of confusion about using sunscreen. Did you know that a dollop of cream is not enough for your face? Rather, think of a full teaspoon. Many people still think that they are ready for the rest of the day after a single application, which is also incorrect. On sunny days, even apply every two hours! We share a few tips to protect yourself from the sun after plastic surgery.

Lubricating the skin well is not only important for protection but also essential to prevent skin aging. Wrinkles are part of life, but let's be honest: we prefer to do everything we can to prevent them.


Need new sunscreen? Then choose a product that not only protects against UVB radiation, but also against UVA radiation. UVB is the cause of sunburn and this radiation is stronger in the summer. You actually have to deal with UVA radiation all year round. This radiation promotes skin aging! So it's not a bad idea to rub your face all year round with a good cream with SPF.


Use at least an SPF 15. The advice of the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) itself recommends at least an SPF 30.


We want to keep our skin young and healthy, which is why it is good to be aware of sun protection. Don't try to beat that! Avoiding the sun completely is the other extreme because you also miss the positive powers of the sun. For example, a minimal amount of pigment protects you against sun damage and sunlight helps to build up Vitamin D. Vitamin D is indispensable for your mental and physical health. Vitamin D is necessary for bone building, a healthy immune system and healthy skin. Sufficient Vitamin even contributes to a reduction of wrinkles. Let's not avoid the sun for fear of wrinkles and skin cancer. The only thing we want to share is: sun carefully!


After a cosmetic treatment with Botox or fillers, it is wise not to sit in the scorching sun for the first week. If you have had surgery on the face, it is advisable not to expose your face to the sun or sunbed for a longer period after the procedure. After a face lift, or correction of the upper or lower eyelids we recommend avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for the first three months. Wear a hat or sunglasses, apply yourself well and avoid the strongest UV rays in the middle of the day. After the first period, always apply sunscreen to scars with a minimum factor of 30 and reapply every 2 hours.


Because there is a lot of confusion about what the best period is for a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery, we also want to say something about that. The Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center is often asked whether an operation is possible in the spring or summer. The answer to that is yes. It is precisely during this period that people have free time and time to schedule sufficient rest. This rest is the most important thing for a good recovery! It is just not wise to undergo a treatment just before a holiday in the sun, because baking on the beach or a dip in the sea is not an option. If you have any questions about tanning and plastic surgery, please contact us!

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