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Suffering from a double chin or slack neck?

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Would you rather cover your neck than show it off? Many men or women who suffer from a double chin or a slack neck will recognize this. Fortunately, an excess of fat under the chin, sagging skin or a so-called 'turkey neck' can be remedied with a tailor-made treatment at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. 

The neck is an area where the effects of aging are clearly visible. Especially a slackened jawline, a turkey neck or a double chin cause insecure feelings.

What is the cause of a double chin or sagging neck?

To get straight to the point: there is no single cause. Whether or not you get a double chin or floppy neck, primarily has to do with your anatomy and the quality of your skin. Some are more prone to a double chin or slack neck than others.

Everyone normally has a small amount of fat in the area under the chin. Extra fat makes for a clearer double chin. When the skin slackens, the fat sags and the neck hangs due to gravity. The amount of fat under your chin has nothing to do with your weight. It is not the case that only overweight people have fat under the chin. Where the fat in your body accumulates varies from person to person. Dieting does not prevent a double chin or slack neck. Significant weight loss can actually worsen a slack neck because the volume (fat) under the skin decreases and the skin does not stretch back completely. This gives your neck a more spacious jacket. Everyone who gets older not only loses elasticity in the skin due to a decrease in elastin and collagen, but also decreases muscle and bone mass. As the volume under the skin decreases, the skin becomes more spacious. A slack neck is therefore a very common phenomenon.

Treatment of a double chin or floppy neck

There are several options for getting rid of a double chin or slack neck. Sometimes a combination of different treatments is needed to achieve optimal results.

Neck Liposuction

If there are localized fat deposits under the neck, neck liposuction is a good solution. It is important to be at your target weight before surgery. If you lose a lot of weight or gain weight after the operation, this has a negative effect on the result. During a personal consultation, the plastic surgeon not only looks at the fat, but also at the quality of the skin. It is important that the skin is elastic enough to adapt properly after liposuction. If this is not the case, this procedure is combined with a neck and jaw lift, a correction of the neck muscle or a facelift.

About liposuction

Liposuction can be an effective treatment if you suffer from a double chin. Our plastic surgeons can tell you during a no-obligation consultation whether liposuction offers the solution in your situation.

Liposuction for double chin

Correction of the neck muscle

A correction of the neck muscle is also called a platysma plastic. This is an operation to tighten the muscles in the neck again by means of a small incision in the neck.

A neck lift

A neck lift can offer a solution for the so-called 'turkey neck'. Excess skin is removed or tightened towards the ear by means of an incision in the neck. This will give you a tighter neck. The neck lift may not be sufficient to achieve a desired result. When the problem is not only caused by sagging skin, but also by sagging neck muscles, a neck facelift a better treatment.

About the neck facelift

Do you suffer from both sagging skin and slackened neck muscles? Then a neck facelift may be the solution to tighten your neck. Our plastic surgeons can determine whether a neck facelift is suitable based on your personal situation. Book a consultation or read more about the facelift first.

neck correction

We can help you with your double chin or slack neck

Our team consists of experienced plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, skin therapists and phlebologists who work closely together. This allows us to offer customized care and map out the best treatment plan for you. Book now here Make an appointment online for a no-obligation consultation with one of our doctors! Prefer to make an appointment by phone? Then call us 020 – 3055 847. We are happy to help you.

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