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Sarah underwent a tummy tuck and tells

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After Sarah gave birth to twins seven years ago, she was diagnosed with diastasis. A slide watt? A diastasis. This is a phenomenon in which the space between the left and right abdominal muscle is too large, which can lead to various complaints. In Sarah's case, this led to back pain and a big belly that never went away. Luckily I could drs. Gijs van Selms help her with this.

How did you notice that something was wrong?
Sarah: “I noticed with exercise that my big belly didn't disappear and that I got more back problems. I didn't have a very strong back, but exercising didn't help either. Training the straight abs only made this worse. I then tried with a human dieck therapist and a physiotherapist to remedy my complaints, because by training your oblique abdominal muscles you can also correct a lot in itself. Unfortunately, this did not yield the desired result. ”

Did the diastasis interfere with your daily activities?
“Yes, it was a vulnerable area, that diastasis really got in the way. When the kids jumped on my lap I always felt like I had to protect it because it felt so soft and unprotected anymore. I haven't played hockey for a while, because it's too big of a contact sport and I didn't like it when people bumped into me."

What was the reason you decided to have something done about it?
“Apart from the back problems I had, I really didn't like it aesthetically. I have a job where I often meet new people and almost everyone congratulated me and asked me if I was pregnant. I understood this a year after giving birth, but after two or three years it drove me crazy. In itself, those people can't do anything about it and I didn't blame them, but I just found it annoying myself. Then it occurred to me that I didn't want to get this question for the rest of my life. I also have quite a thin body so this part also felt like it wasn't really mine."

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Sarah underwent a tummy tuck and tells 1

And then you took the plunge...
“Yes, I had my doubts because there was no medical necessity and the operation was therefore not reimbursed. I then started asking around a lot from experience experts about what the surgery entails, because I read many scary stories about recovery on the internet. In the end I managed to recover for two weeks at my mother's home and that was fantastic because I only focused on the recovery. I was fully cared for and after two weeks I was able to work reasonably well at home.”

What did the recovery look like?
“Finally, after being home for about four weeks, I went back to work and went out. I was able to quietly pick up my life again and I thought it was really not that bad. The painkillers worked really well, so I didn't have much pain either. It's more that you have to surrender to the fact that you just can't do anything. You walk all the way forward for the first few weeks, so that is very strange and you feel very limited, but you know that it will pass and it will be okay.”

What effect has the tummy tuck had on your life?
“Well, I'll never be asked if I'm pregnant again! Furthermore, I can put on all the clothes I want again, I am fully active again, including hockey, and I am happier because since the surgery I really feel like I have my body back. It is very nice to notice that I have a strong belly again and that I no longer have to protect it. Every day I'm glad I did it!"

What were the reactions of those around you?
“I had to justify myself a bit before the operation, especially to my brothers. I had been very sick the year before, so they thought: what is she getting herself into now? Furthermore, people reacted fairly relaxed to it and especially my friends and my mother understood that I wanted this. After our pregnancies we of course went to compare our bellies and yes, then I came off pretty bad, so they understood very well. I had to take some fear away from the family. After the operation, I received mostly very positive reactions.”

Would you recommend the operation and Drs Gijs van Selms?
“If you're concerned, I would definitely recommend it, if you have the money for it, because it is of course a lot of money. At one point my husband said: "Just do it, then you will enjoy it longer." I thought that was a good one! In addition, I gave it to myself, I'm really happy for myself. drs. van Selms is a very professional doctor, has a lot of experience and is very friendly. For specific explanation I would call the plastic surgery consultants, they can explain everything about the procedure.”

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