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Rhinoplasty by Professor Nolst: natural result

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Originally an ENT specialist, he soon specialized in facial surgery and in particular nose surgery. Despite the fact that Professor Gijs Nolst Trenité has been in the profession for more than 35 years, he still carries it out with passion. He travels all over the world for (demonstration) operations, conducted various scientific studies, wrote international textbooks and is involved in various scientific associations.


Professor Nolst Trenité is known nationally and internationally for his special expertise in nasal surgery. He developed a technique for patients with a cleft lip, but he also brought various modern surgical techniques to Europe, after having learned them from teacher Tardy in Chicago. “After graduating, I went to America and was lucky enough to have the most famous nose in the world teach me techniques not yet well known in Europe.” He has also recently developed a special suturing technique, which is published in the leading international journal of facial surgery, Archives of facial Plastic Surgery. As his teacher Tardy said, “Rhinoplastic surgeons never stop learning.”



What Professor Nolst Trenité does in particular are recovery operations; when another doctor's nose surgery fails, they go to Nolst Trenité. He doesn't blame these doctors. “Nasal surgery is the most difficult part of facial plastic surgery because so many are cohesive parts of cartilage and bone. What sometimes works against me is that people think I'm a wizard because of their high expectations, but of course I'm not. I can improve noses. In Brazil, for example, I operated on patients with leprosy together with a team. I enjoyed doing this, it feels good to make people happy with this.”


“A nose should not draw attention to the face. The focus should be on the eyes and mouth. A nose that fits the face can enhance the beauty. The proportions have to be right. I don't give someone with a very big nose or a hunchback a small upturned nose. For example, I once had a request from someone who wanted to look like Michael Jackson. Communication with the patient is essential.”



Professor Nolst Trenité has now been employed at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen for 22 years and has operated on all types of noses. The most common rhinoplasty is from large to small. Client Maia Kelroy had this procedure done in April 2016, she says: “I was not happy with my somewhat large, thick nose, which also prevented me from breathing properly. Partly because of the bullying about my nose, I was not feeling well. When someone pointed me to Professor Nolst Trenité, I immediately had full confidence in it. I am very satisfied with my nose and I am comfortable in my skin again. I am very pleased with both the doctor and his team. They are there for you, listen carefully and fulfill your wishes. Doctor Nolst Trenité doesn't make doll noses, so it doesn't look fake. People around me see that something has changed in my face, but don't know what. My sister was very impressed, so she will be here soon too!”

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