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Price list varicose vein treatment

Costs without referral letter
TreatmentOvernight stayprice
Consultation + duplex investigationnew€ 350,-
Sclerosis per legnew€ 200,-
Sclerosing both legsnew€ 400,-
Sclerosis per leg - follow-up treatment within one yearnew€ 200,-
Sclerosis both legs - follow-up treatment within one yearnew€ 300,-
Müller - very limitednew€ 500,-
Müller - limitednew€ 750,-
Müller - comprehensivenew€ 1.250,-
Müller - very extensivenew€ 1.850,-
EVLT - one trunk veinnew€ 1.500,-
EVLT - two stock veinsnew€ 2.250,-
EVLT - three stock veinsnew€ 2.950,-
Stocking per piecenew€ 20,-

Reimbursement of varicose vein treatments

From 1 January 2012, a referral letter for the first consultation, including vascular examination (duplex), is mandatory in connection with the reimbursement of this. Without a referral letter, these costs are for your own account.
After the vascular examination, it is known whether it concerns a medical or cosmetic treatment. If it concerns a cosmetic treatment, you must pay for the treatment yourself. This also applies to the stockings. If it concerns medical treatment, the costs will be submitted to your insurer.

These adjusted prices are effective September 1, 2018.

More information about varicose vein treatment.


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