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Podcast: anesthesiologist Dick Kubbe tells all about anesthesia

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Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen is the clinic for plastic surgery, injectables, varicose vein treatments, skin therapy and cosmetic surgery in Amsterdam Oud Zuid. When you come for an operation, it may be done under general anesthesia or a general anaesthetic. Many people who have surgery fear the anesthesia more than the surgery itself. 

“Do I get nauseous from anesthesia? Can it be that I feel everything during the operation despite the anesthesia? Will I continue to have symptoms after the anesthesia?” These are just a few of the questions an anesthesiologist (the doctor responsible for the anesthesia) is asked before an operation. When you go under anesthesia, you give up all control and many people find that exciting. At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen you will only have a meeting with the anesthetist when the operation is scheduled. Anesthesia or general anesthetic is necessary when you come for a breast correction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck or face lift. All operations under general anesthesia or general anesthesia take place in the Jan van Goyen clinic on the Jan van Goyenkade. This is also the place where anesthesiologist Dick Kubbe works. Sietske van 'Who wants to be beautiful' talks to Dick Kubbe and asks everything you would like to know! Curious? Then quickly listen to this podcast.

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