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Replacement of dentures or removal of breast implants

Do you have breast implants and are you considering having them removed or exchanged? At Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center, prosthetic changes and explants are common procedures. Our team of plastic surgeons is happy to help you!

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Replacement of dentures or removal of breast implants

Do you have breast implants and are you considering having them removed or exchanged? At Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center, prosthetic changes and explants are common procedures. Our team of plastic surgeons is happy to help you!

Remove or exchange breast implants?

Many women consult the plastic surgeon with a question about breast implants placed in the past. Logical, because many different breast implants have been placed over the years. It is important to check these prostheses carefully and, if necessary, to perform a prosthesis change or to have the breast implants removed. Replacement or removal of the breast implants is recommended if there is severe capsular contracture, aging breast implants, leakage or rupture of the implant, suspected ALCL, or natural changes of the body due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy that cause the breasts to become sagging. 

Replace or remove breast implants at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

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A prosthesis change or the removal of the breast implants can be a drastic step and that is why we explain to you how the process of these operations works. In these operations, implants that were once used for breast reconstruction or breast enlargement surgery inserted, replaced or permanently deleted.

The consultation

The plastic surgeon will discuss your wishes with you and perform a physical examination. Any complaints are discussed in detail. This gives the plastic surgeon a clear picture of the initial situation and the intended result. Among other things, it is examined whether there is a capsularity, the shape of the breasts and the elasticity of the skin. If you know which implants you had placed at the time, please bring this information with you to the first consultation. After this consultation you will know what your options are, whether you opt for a prosthesis exchange, removal of the breast implants or lipofilling.

If you choose to replace the breast implants, it will be determined which implants will be placed, whether they will be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle and where the scars will be. Naturally, the possible risks and complications will be discussed with you. After the consultation with the plastic surgeon, the consultant will discuss all practical matters regarding planning and costs with you. Do you have any questions after the first consultation? Then you are of course welcome for a second consultation before the operation.

The procedure

The replacement or removal of the breast implants (possibly with the removal of capsular contractures) takes on average one to one and a half hours and the operation usually takes place under general anaesthesia.

Appointment with the anesthetist

Breast correction is always performed under general anaesthesia. You will have a meeting with the anesthetist before the operation to prepare you as best as possible and to safely put under anesthesia. For this interview, you must complete a general health questionnaire.

How do you prepare for surgery?

  • Make sure you are fasting before surgery (do not eat or drink after 11 p.m.)
  • Discuss your medication use with the plastic surgeon so that you know what you can and cannot take on the day of surgery
  • Arrange transport, you are not allowed to drive yourself or travel by public transport
  • Please wear comfortable clothes so that you can get dressed easily after surgery
  • If possible, it is desirable to have extra help at home for the first few days

On the day of the operation you report to the reception desk and from that moment on you are in good hands. The nurse will guide you to the operation complex where there is still an opportunity to ask the plastic surgeon questions. Only after marking the area to be operated on will you be anesthetized by the anesthetist.

During surgery, the prostheses are removed and, if discussed, reinserted through a four to five centimeter incision in the natural breast crease. Whenever possible, the plastic surgeon uses the old scar.

During a prosthesis exchange, the existing capsular structure is removed and the chest cavity is adapted to the size of the new implants. These are placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle.

If you choose to permanently remove the breast prostheses, the plastic surgeon can correct the excess skin due to the stretched skin. The plastic surgeon will discuss this with you during the consultation prior to surgery.

At the end of the operation, the incisions are carefully sutured and covered with a plaster. If necessary, the breasts are bandaged with a supportive bandage, which contributes to the recovery of the breasts.

After the operation, it is possible that exudate will come out of the wound. To properly drain the wound fluid, two thin tubes (drains) are inserted if necessary. When almost no more fluid comes out of the wound, the tubes are removed. In most cases this happens the next morning.

After the operation you will wake up in the recovery room. When you are completely up to date, you go to the short stay. If you feel well and the doctor or nurse thinks it is justified, you can go home. Your supervisor or driver can then pick you up.

Aftercare and recovery after prosthesis replacement or removal of breast implants

After the operation, the clinic will give you a sports bra that you must wear day and night for the first few weeks. It is important that you take enough rest in the first few days after surgery. After a few days you can do light household and administrative work again. Avoid physically intensive work and lifting for the first two weeks. Exercise is allowed again six weeks after surgery. It goes without saying that you should be careful with the area you have had surgery on during the first few weeks.

The breasts feel unnatural during the first period. Over time this will change, the breasts will feel more and more supple and you will get your normal feeling back. The scars may look a bit fiery after surgery. This fervor disappears over the course of a year, after which they take on the color of the skin and become less visible. UV rays are not good for scars, so they can remain red for an unnecessarily long time.

After the surgery

• After 24 you may shower again, but the wounds should not be soaked. You are not allowed to take a bath or swim until 6 weeks after the operation
• You can drive again after two weeks
• You are not allowed to lift heavy for the first 4 weeks
• You are not allowed to exercise intensively for the first 6 weeks
• If you do not have physically strenuous work, you can also return to work after about 2 weeks.
• It is best to keep the scars covered in the first months, so do not expose your breasts to the sun.

After the operation, we are available 24/7 in case of emergency or urgent questions.

Costs to remove breast implants

Removal of breast prostheses (without capsuleectomy)From €3,230
Removing breast prostheses (with capsuleectomy)From €4,330
Removing breast prostheses including lipofillingvanaf €8.080,-

Denture replacement before and after photos

Removing breast implants before and after

More before and after photos of breast implant removal can be found here.

Risks and Complications

Any surgical procedure carries risks and complications. We want to reduce the risk of risks by providing the right information and precautions. By carefully following our instructions prior to surgery, you will minimize the risk of complications. Some possible complications of a denture exchange or removal of the implants can include:

⊙ Change in sensation in your breasts
⊙ Allergic reactions to the anesthetic or suture material
⊙ Displacement and/or rupture of the breast prosthesis
⊙ Capsular contraction
⊙ Swelling or bleeding
⊙ Infections

To be fully informed about the risks and complications, it is important that you surgical package insert from the NVPC (Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery) read carefully. In addition, there is a patient folder of the NVPC clearly describing everything you need to know about surgery with silicone breast implants. 

Longevity implants

Despite the integrity of the breast implants, it is impossible to predict how long the implants will last, because this partly depends on the type of implant, the method of placement and any complications such as capsular contracture. The implants we place are of the highest quality and because we work with different brands, you will receive information about the implants you choose after the consultation.

Follow-up checks

After the operation, you will return to your plastic surgeon after 2 to 3 weeks for the first check-up. The final check takes place after approximately three months. Have questions about recovery or a complication? Then you are of course always welcome in the clinic. All checks are included in the price.


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