Before, during and after an operation

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Before, during and after an operation

You have an appointment scheduled for surgery and we understand that this can be exciting. The operation may also raise questions for you. It is important that you are well prepared, which is why we would like to inform you about the following topics regarding your operation:

Before your operation
How do you prepare?

The day of your operation
Supplies | Anesthesia and fasting | Arrival

After your operation
Recovery room | Pain relief | Preparing for departure | At home

Before your operation

How can you best prepare for surgery?


It is important that you approach the day of surgery rested and relaxed. Ask your doctor for a sleeping tablet if you have trouble sleeping.

Do not smoke

Smoking affects wound healing and can adversely affect anesthesia. We therefore recommend smoking as little as possible in the weeks before the operation and not smoking the day before the operation.


Ask your treating specialist and/or anesthesiologist about your medication use. It may be that its use must be temporarily discontinued. This often involves blood thinners (anticoagulants).


It is important that someone is present to guide you. The treatment can affect your functioning in such a way that traveling home independently - whether by car, bicycle or public transport - is irresponsible. It can also be nice if an adult is at your home the night after the operation.

The day of your operation

For the operation to proceed smoothly, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Don't wear piercings
  • Do not use make-up / body lotion (not even a little)
  • Do not wear jewelry


What do you take with you to the clinic?

  • Loose-fitting clothing;
  • The telephone number of the person who will pick you up: he or she must be reachable and available at all times.

If applicable:

  • Equipment to determine your blood sugar + insulin syringe;
  • Stools;
  • Orthopedic footwear;
  • Contact lens supplies or glasses case;
  • A sports bra (in case of breast surgery).

Anesthetized? You must be sober

It is very important that you fast on the day of the operation. This can prevent nausea and vomiting. See the protocol below:

Until midnight (the night before your surgery): You can eat.

Up to 2 hours before the operation: You may not to eat. It is only permitted to drink clear liquids, i.e. only water and/or tea without milk. Nothing else.

When do we expect you?

Contact the OR planning department (020-3055810) the day before the operation, they will give you more information about the time you need to be present. We kindly request that you be present at the Jan van Goyen Medical Center at the agreed time, provided another location has been agreed with you. Upon arrival, you can report to reception who will guide you to the operating complex. You will be transferred here to the nurse who will be your point of contact during your stay and who will care for you. Before the operation, the nurse will ensure that you speak to the anesthesiologist and surgeon. Then you can still ask any questions.

After your operation: Recovery

Stay in the recovery room

After the operation, you will be driven to the recovery room. Here you will be connected to the monitor to monitor your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. Surgical wounds are also checked. It may sometimes be necessary to leave drains in the wound area; the surgeon will discuss this with you. Your stay in the recovery room is often also the time to eat and drink something.

Pain relief

It is important to follow the advice when it comes to taking medication after your operation. Even if the pain is not too bad, it is still important to take the medication at the prescribed times. It has been shown that this is a good basis against pain. Are you still in pain? Please indicate this.

Preparing to leave for home

For your safety, there are a few conditions that you must meet before you can go home, these are:

  • You have eaten and drunk;
  • You have urinated;
  • The pain is bearable;
  • The drains have been removed (sometimes the drains must remain in place, the surgeon will inform you about this)

You can usually be picked up the next morning at 7am.

Once home

We usually see that patients enjoy being back home to recover. You will receive the necessary information to care for the wound area. We will also provide you with the date and time for the follow-up appointment. It is important to take it easy for the first 24 hours after the operation. This includes not driving a car and not operating machines. Also, do not make important decisions and prefer to eat and drink easily digestible foods.

After anesthesia and the impact of everything involved in surgery, you may not feel well for a short time after surgery. Give your body time to recover at its own pace.

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