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Cutting away skin spots

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Cutting away skin spots

Cutting away skin spots (excision) is one of the most commonly used procedures to remove annoying and/or disfiguring spots such as birthmarks, warts, fibroids, etc. The spot is surgically removed and sutured.

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  • Removal of annoying or unsightly spots
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The treatment

The plastic surgeon marks the area and gives a local anesthetic. The injection of the anesthetic fluid sometimes gives a somewhat burning sensation. The skin may swell slightly and become temporarily pale in color due to the injection. The skin is incised along the marked area and the piece of skin is removed down to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The surgeon cauterizes any small bleeding vessels. The wound edges are then sutured or taped together. You will feel the cutting away of skin spots during the treatment, but you will not experience any pain.

After cutting away skin spots

After the treatment you will be advised to keep the area as clean as possible. This can be done with a plaster/tape specially intended for this purpose. Once the specialist has sutured the wound, the sutures will be removed a week later. You may experience pain after the treatment. Feel free to take a painkiller, preferably Paracetamol. No aspirin, which increases the risk of bleeding.


For healing it is important to avoid tension on the wound edges as much as possible. Wounds on the back, shoulders and lower legs in particular can be subject to considerable stress during movement. Certain movements such as bending, lifting, putting on and taking off clothes should be avoided or performed with great care. Depending on the location and size of the wound, sports are not recommended one to four weeks after the procedure.

Ultraviolet rays are not good for the scars, so they can remain red for an unnecessarily long time. In addition, exposure to the sun can cause pigment disruption in the treated area, which can cause the scar to darken. It is best to keep the scars covered for the first three months after the treatment and to apply a sunblock to the skin from 2 weeks after the operation.


In almost all cases, scarring occurs after the removal of skin spots. The scar heals better with one than with the other. Sometimes the scar is almost invisible after a few months. This depends on the skin type. Sometimes it happens that the scar thickens very much. Hypertrophy (excessive swelling or enlargement) or keloid formation (scar growth) may occur. Patients with Asian or Creole skin are more likely to experience this complication. This predisposition is sometimes hereditary. The characteristics of a hypertrophic scar are: a hard and thick, sometimes painful scar, raised above the surrounding skin, often discolored or white or reddish.

A keloid is a special kind of scar. The scar is very hard and thick, often very painful and red. Keloids grow beyond the boundaries of the injury and can cover very large areas of skin. The skin of the chest, upper arms, ears, and shoulders are common places where keloid can develop. If you suspect that your scar is hypertrophied or keloid-forming, please contact your plastic surgeon for further treatment.

There may be a bruising, usually accompanied by swelling. An infection can also occur, which is manifested by pain, swelling, redness and pus from the wound.

If unexpected problems arise, for example when an ignition occurs, please contact us.


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