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Paula Roossink is a plastic surgeon and will join the team at Jan van Goyen Medical and Aesthetic Center. During and after her training she specializes in hand and wrist treatments, but also practices general and cosmetic surgery. At the Jan van Goyen Medical Center she will mainly focus on insured care.trans

Roossink previously worked in Bilthoven and Alkmaar, where she performed many breast reconstructions in addition to general and cosmetic surgery. She also worked at The Hand Clinic. Here the specialist focused on her specialization: hand and wrist surgery.'

Why did you specialize in hand and wrist surgery?
'I followed my education at the AMC Amsterdam, which is known for its strong hand and wrist centre. That is what immediately interested me. This is mainly due to the complexity of the wrist. It is a complicated joint, with all kinds of ligaments, tendons and bones that are all in balance with each other. In the case of an injury to one, all these elements must be taken into account in the treatment. That makes hand and wrist surgery technically very challenging. Collaboration with hand therapists is essential for the outcome of a treatment.'

What will you focus on at Jan van Goyen Medical Center?
'Particularly on attracting insured care within plastic surgery, such as hand and wrist surgery. Many healthcare referrers have the idea that the Jan van Goyen Medical Center only offers private care, but our clinic is ideal for insured, less complex care. I am thinking in particular of hand and wrist problems and general plastic surgery such as breast reductions, ear corrections, scar correction, skin tumors. I would especially like to point out to general practitioners that patients can also be referred to us for these problems.

We can help patients in an efficient way, where they can be seen and operated on quickly. I will also deal with cosmetic treatments within surgery, such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, eyelid correction and labia surgery.'

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For many people it is unclear exactly which care is insured and which is not. What do you notice about this as a surgeon? 'A few years ago, plastic surgery was removed from the basic package. Unfortunately, in some cases this is not understandable. Sometimes you have a good indication for an eyelid correction or a woman comes with a congenital breast defect, but the requested reimbursement is rejected by the insurer. The insurer then has certain requirements that we as a specialist cannot change at the moment. It is sometimes difficult to explain to the patient that, despite the fact that I think it is a good indication for insured care, it is still rejected by the health insurer.'

What is the solution in such moments?'When a treatment is not reimbursed by the health insurer, it is often possible to have this done at your own expense. Health insurers and the relevant minister are currently looking at whether plastic surgery can be included in the basic package again next year, which would be nice.'

Does this also apply to hand and wrist surgery?'No, that's all insured care. An appointment can be scheduled quickly and in some cases an X-ray will be taken before the first meeting. Often people with these problems are treated within one or two weeks. This does not always have to be an operation; we may also prescribe hand therapy or give an injection. Today, thanks to specialized hand surgeons, a lot is possible in this area. In the past, if you went to the doctor with wear and tear in the base of your thumb, you were told that there was 'nothing that could be done' – nowadays it is increasingly known that multiple treatments are possible.'

When do you go home with a satisfied feeling at the end of the day?
'I go home every day with a satisfied feeling because I love the contact with the patients and I really enjoy working together a lot. I am known for taking extensive time with patients, listening carefully to what they really want, and being easy to deal with. All plastic surgeons work well together, but also with other disciplines such as the OR staff, the consultants and all other employees.'

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