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NVCG hotline for abuses in cosmetic care

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On January 6, the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) will launch the NVCG hotline for abuses in cosmetic care. The reporting center offers victims of cosmetic abuse or healthcare providers the opportunity to report this anonymously. No less than 73% of the cosmetic doctors sees patients with complications after treatment elsewhere. To date, these abuses have not been recorded anywhere. That the NVCG is taking this initiative is good for the future of cosmetic care. It is mapped out where things actually go wrong and this is the beginning of reducing unpleasant situations and complications.  Via the website cosmetic abuses can be reported.

Serious complications from non-physician treatment
dr. Catharina Meijer, cosmetic doctor and chairperson of the NVCG: “The reason for the reporting center are serious complications after treatments with medical devices by non-doctors, which cosmetic doctors are confronted with. Recent research by the NVCG in collaboration with the consumer program Radar among cosmetic doctors shows that 73% of the cosmetic doctors had to deal with patients with complications from another practitioner. Most of these doctors have experienced this more than once. 71% of these physicians saw complications from plasma energy devices (160 cases) and 69% saw complications from the hyaluronan pen (173 cases). In 95% of the doctors, these complications were a result of cosmetic treatment by a cosmetologist. In 33%, the complication was due to cosmetic treatment by a dentist. Facts that prompted us to initiate the hotline.”

Jan van Goyen takes good care seriously
The reports that are made to the NVCG reporting center are intended for the imaging of the NVCG. Common complications, treatment methods and practitioners are mapped in this way and potential patients are warned earlier. Victims who use the hotline are still requested to report the complaint to the healthcare institution, the Health Care Inspectorate and a regional Health Care Disciplinary Court. The complaints procedure of Jan van Goyen can be found here.

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