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Marijke Helwegen had her breast implants removed at Drs. Gijs van Selms

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Marijke Helwegen has never made it a secret that she has had quite a few things embellished on herself. We can say that she is an expert in the field of plastic surgery. The outside may not be quite 'real', but its inside is pure and genuine. Marijke says it all, even if things are not as beautiful as they seem.

For example, Marijke recently had her breast prostheses removed by plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms in Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. Her famous statement: “Putting lips, breasts forward” suddenly became “Putting lips, breasts out.” When a well-known Dutch person speaks openly and honestly about his or her body, the media dive in. Before you know it, everything will be in the newspaper. But what is really going on? Without sensation or craziness. There is only one way to find out: we ask Marijke herself.

Plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms recently removed your breast prostheses, when did you have them placed?
“I didn't have breast prostheses fitted until I was fifty-five. I already knew a lot about it then: I worked for many years as a marketing & PR lady for a cosmetic clinic. Then you don't just do anything. After the breast augmentation I never really had any problems. I even had a breast exam every two years. This was quite painful under the mammogram because your breasts are completely crushed, so an ultrasound was done once every two years. Anyway! The bottom line is: I've always had my breasts checked faithfully and the results were always completely fine. “

Yet you ended up at plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms on your own initiative
“Of course, after various reports in the media, I went to investigate, I wanted to know what was in my body. That is why I requested my file at the clinic where I once had the silicone prostheses placed. Then I asked around who the best plastic surgeon in the field of breast corrections is. Several people have recommended plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms to me. In the spring of 2018 I made an appointment with Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. 'Gee' I thought 'how neat they are here!' It immediately felt good. I was greeted nicely and everything went smoothly.”

How did the consultation go?
“During my first consultation with Dr. van Selms, he went through my file and expressed his concerns. “If I may advise you, take them out,” was his advice. I had no doubts, those things have to get out. A prosthesis change was the other option, but then it would be my turn again in fifteen years, go under anesthesia again and then of course I'll be a lot older. I don't think that's necessary at all. The consultation was very clear for me and I went home with several options. The Monobloc implants were also discussed, the most natural breast implant and a good alternative to silicone. That information during the consultation is so important and determines the rest of your life.”

How did the surgery go and how did it feel to suddenly no longer have breast implants?
“On December 10, I had my prostheses removed. After the operation I was immediately wide awake in bed looking when Dr. van Selms came by with two buckets. Bucket right, bucket left. My removed prostheses were in there: completely broken! I was shocked. Fortunately, doctor van Selms was able to remove everything from my body and flushed out the chest cavity with antibiotics. I am relieved, it looks beautiful and I think the result has turned out fantastic! I fly over the road again when I go for a run and sometimes have knitted chicken breasts from Stichting Breiboezem in my bra for extra padding. My little cup can be there! I think Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen is a fantastic clinic. The atmosphere, the food, the aftercare and the way you are addressed are excellent.”

Tips for women with a cosmetic wish
“What I think is very important is that as a woman you know what you are getting and that you read everything about it. The website of the NVPC (Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery) offers extensive information, where you can see whether everything is in order with the plastic surgeon and whether the clinic is of high quality. Cheap is often expensive! If complications arise with implants, you have a problem. Especially if you have surgery abroad. Personally, I would not choose silicone prostheses again, the Monobloc Hydrogel prostheses are a great alternative. Know your options! Don't dwell on one piece of advice and think about the future. There is no lifetime warranty, your body changes and you can never see into the future. Ten years ago, for example, much less was known than today, opinions were different. Who says there have been no changes in ten years? Take this into account in your decision. ”

How do you find all the media reports?
“A lot of different media call me and ask a hundred questions. But the final story is a bit twisted. I'd love to tell you how it really is! Honestly, from my personal experience. Not every journalist knows how to translate that well. They'd rather make a juicy story out of it: For example, I never said I became a silicone whistleblower. Although I remain behind my point of view: no more silicones for me!”

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