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Jan van Goyen is 30 years old!

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Jan van Goyen 30 years
Jan van Goyen is 30 years old! 1

Celebrating this year medical and Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. In the past thirty years, the organization has become a household name in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The building on Jan van Goyenkade, which housed an ENT clinic, was bought in 1989 by businessman Rinus Groeneveld. Together with Dr. Leistikov, Rinus Groeneveld has expanded the Jan van Goyen Medical Center with a private clinic for plastic surgery.

This turned out to be a gap in the Dutch market because there were not yet many clinics that offered plastic surgery. The team of plastic surgeons was therefore quickly expanded and now and then a guest surgeon, Dr. Benito, flew over from Barcelona. dr. Benito from Barcelona was extremely popular and all women wanted to be operated on by him. There were also many well-known Dutch people who knocked on their door for aesthetic treatment.

Thirty years later, the Jan van Goyen Medical Center and the Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center are still a household name in Amsterdam. The team has expanded considerably and now about 150 people work in the various departments. The Medical Center is located at Jan van Goyenkade and offers insured care in the fields of gynaecology, internal medicine, phlebology, dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, pain relief, proctology and radiology. We also have our own laboratory and anesthesia department.

The Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center is housed in a stately building on the Concertgebouwplein in Amsterdam. Consultations and cosmetic treatments in the field of plastic surgery, injectables, phlebology (varicose veins) and skin therapy are available here every day.

With the current management, the skilled medical specialists and all the staff involved, we are sure that the next thirty years will be special. We grow and professionalize every year and the client reaps the benefits. Jan van Goyen is there for men and women who expect tailor-made care and a personal approach.

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