Introducing: plastic surgeon Joyce Florisson

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Plastic surgeon Joyce Florisson has been working at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen for some time now. Time to get to know her a little better!

Who are you?
“I am Joyce Florisson, 38 years old, married and I have three children.”

Why did you start working as a plastic surgeon?
“I have always been fascinated by hospitals. As a child I thought it was magical. During my studies, my love for plastic surgery quickly emerged. My passion lies mainly in facial surgery, breast surgery and contour restorative surgery.”

Contour Restorative Surgery?
“Contour restorative surgery is the removal of excess skin after massive weight loss. This weight loss is often caused by, for example, a gastric bypass or lifestyle changes. This group of patients often come for multiple operations, for example for a tummy tuck, a breast correction and corrections of arms and legs.”

What do you do at Jan van Goyen?
“At Jan van Goyen I mainly perform aesthetic interventions on breasts and faces. In the OLVG I also operate mainly on breasts and faces, but in particular oncological reconstructions. I think it is good to operate on both a reconstructive and aesthetic level. You learn different techniques from both sides, the combination makes you a better doctor.”

What makes your job fun?
“It's nice that you can really mean something to someone. Patients are often extremely grateful. You really improve the quality of life. I like to see that.”

Do you ever not fulfill someone's wish?
“Yes, sometimes refuse is aesthetic operations. It must be tangible for me. If not, I won't operate."

Why do patients choose you?
“People like to be operated on by me because I listen carefully to the wishes of the patient. I am calm and deliver precision work. Many patients come to me again through previous patients. I think that's a nice compliment.”

What do you do to keep abreast of the latest trends?
“I regularly visit conferences at home and abroad. It is wonderful to go to a conference and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world. Recently I went to Miami to hear the latest developments in aesthetic surgery. A conference on facial surgery is planned soon. I prefer to go with my colleagues.

Joyce Florisson Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

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