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Introducing: plastic surgeon Josien van der Meer

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drs. Josien van der Meer is one of the plastic surgeons who focuses on plastic surgery within Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. 

Where did you work before you started at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen?
“I followed my plastic surgery training at the AUMC – AMC, during this period I worked in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, the Red Cross hospital in Beverwijk and the Spaarne hospital. In the last months of my education I followed an ISAPS fellowship in Germany where I studied aesthetic and reconstructive periorbital facial surgery. This includes upper and lower eyelid corrections, facelifts and repair of abnormalities to the eyelids after previous operations or trauma.”

This is how Josien starts her working day
"Breakfast! I literally get out of bed for this and I really never skip this. At the same time, I read the news, check some apps, after which I jump on my bike to the Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Center at the Concertgebouwplein for consultations or the Jan van Goyenkade for operations.”

What do you like best about your profession?
“I think plastic surgery is the best and most beautiful profession because it is incredibly creative and challenging. We often operate in areas that are immediately visible to others, so this must be done with extreme precision. Every patient has his or her specific wishes, no consultation is the same. Thinking along in this and being able to contribute to someone's happiness in life is incredibly special. In Jan van Goyen we work closely together in a professional team of skilled plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors from the injectables department. This is how we offer the complete package. And all that in the heart of Amsterdam. All this means that I go to work every day with great enthusiasm!”

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