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Treatment of teeth grinding

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Treatment of teeth grinding

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Teeth grinding while you sleep is a problem that can lead to a number of complaints. Naturally, it increases the abrasion of the teeth (especially the enamel), but other common complaints include pain to the jaw joint and headaches due to an excessive tension on the masseter muscles.

  • Treatment plan based on your complaints
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Treatment of teeth grinding

An injection with a dosed amount of botulinum toxin (Botox®, Azzalure®) can lower the muscle tension and reduce the complaints. In consultation with you, the treating surgeon will determine where the injections need to be administered. This injection plan is noted in your file and will be evaluated during the check-up consultation. When necessary, the treatment can then be corrected by administering additional injections. The effect of the treatment lasts about three to six months. The costs of the treatment depend on the amount of botulinum toxin that is required. The standard dose can be compared to what the cosmetics call ‘one zone’.

During the treatment, the nurses were excellent as well. They hold your hand to put you at ease. Prior to the surgery, you get a letter with all the information you need about the teeth grinding treatment and how to prepare.

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teeth grinding€ 380,-

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