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Treatment of migraine

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Injectables treatment for migraines

Treatment of migraine

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There are many people who suffer from tension headaches or migraines. The causes of most types of headaches are unknown but there are indications that, amongst other things, an increased tension in certain muscles is one of the underlying problems.

Botulinum toxin against headaches at EC Jan van Goyen

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Treatment of migraine

Botulinum toxin is a drug that has been shown for years to have a positive effect on all kinds of conditions involving increased muscle tension. The mechanism of action is still the subject of various studies, but experience shows that approximately 70% of migraine (and other headache) patients benefit from the use of botulinum toxin. In these patients there is a clear relief of the complaints.

Depending on where the complaints manifest themselves, a treatment plan will be drawn up together with you. In practice, this means that the patient keeps a diary to "score" the effect of the botulinum toxin on the headache complaints in his specific situation. The muscles in question are made less strong by means of a number of injections in a specific area. Most patients do not experience the injections as painful.


The effect of the treatment is always temporary (3-4 months). Possible side effects of treatment with botulinum toxin depend on the injection itself (possibly a small bruise) and the effect of the treatment. This effect is also always temporary.

Unfortunately, the treatment is not reimbursed by your health insurer. The price of the treatment depends on the amount of botulinum toxin needed. In general, the doctor will start with a dose comparable to the dose used in the cosmetic application for one area.

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