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Treatment of migraine

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Injectables treatment for migraines

Treatment of migraine

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There are many people who suffer from tension headaches or migraines. The causes of most types of headaches are unknown but there are indications that, amongst other things, an increased tension in certain muscles is one of the underlying problems.

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Treatment of migraine

For the past 15 years, Botox is a substance that has been showing a positive effect on all kinds of afflictions that are related to an increased muscle tension. The mechanism of the effect and process is still a subject of various studies, but the experience has shown that about 70% of migraine (and other headache) patients benefit from the use of Botox. These patients clearly notice an improvement in their complaints.

A treatment of the frontalis muscle is generally sufficient to give a clear improvement of the complaints. Depending on the pain, the back of the head can also be treated. The patient will keep a diary in order to “grade” the effect of Botox on the headache complaints in his or her specific situation. By the administering of a few small injections in a certain area, the tension in the respective muscles is reduced. Most people find the injections painless.

The effect of the treatment is always temporary (2-6 months). Possible side effects of a Botox treatment depend on the injection itself (possibly minor bruising) and the effect of the treatment; in some cases, there is a slight weakness in the injected muscles. This effect is also always temporary.

Unfortunately, the treatment is not covered by your health insurance. The price of the treatment depends on the required amount of Botox. The surgeon will generally start with one dose, comparable to the dose that is used for the cosmetic application on one zone.

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