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PRP treatment

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PRP treatment at EC Jan van Goyen

PRP treatment

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The use of the body’s own blood plasma and platelets to increase a healing process has been used for many years in dentistry and orthopaedics. This innovative technique is now also available for cosmetic applications.

After the collection of blood and separation of the blood components by centrifugation, you get ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’, or PRP in short. This PRP consists of blood plasma with a high concentration of blood platelets. It is important that these blood platelets contain a high level of growth factors as the growth factors play a vital role in all kinds of regenerating processes within the body and they have a rejuvenating, firming, and hydrating effect on the skin.

The skin improvement is already noticeable after one treatment

The most important effect within the skin after the PRP treatment is the creation of new ‘type I’ collagen fibres. This type of collagen is responsible for the retention of a natural elasticity of the skin. During the ageing process, the reduction of this type of ‘type I’ collagen fibre is mostly associated with the development of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. The PRP treatment results in an activation and regeneration of the skin, improving the hydration and making it smoother and firmer.
A great advantage of the PRP treatment is that you are treated with your own body material, making this a very safe method.

The treatment

A small amount of your blood is collected, which is then centrifuged. This takes about five minutes. The surgeon then injects the collected PRP superficially into the skin with a very thin hypodermic needle. When necessary, the skin can be locally sedated with a special cream.


After the treatment, the growth factors will start doing their work. This effect will take four to eight weeks, after which the second treatment will take place. We advise you to take three treatments within a period of 6 months. After this, you can maintain the result by having one follow-up treatment per year.

PRP treatments are effective for the improvement of the skin on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

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PRP with Hyaluronic Acid
1X (0.5ml)€ 650,-
1X (1.0ml)€ 850,-

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