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Injectables for lip augmentation

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Injectables for lip augmentation

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With a lip treatment, a subtle lip augmentation is realised and the lips feel softer and smoother as the natural hydro balance of the lips is restored. And all of this with one simple rejuvenation treatment.

Our fillers integrate perfectly with the sensitive tissue of the lips and prevent the quick degradation of the product. Together with our cosmetic surgeons, you will discuss your wishes and the options that are most suitable for your personal situation, after which the physician will decide which type of filler will give the best result. Depending on the chosen filler, you can consider adding volume to the body of the lips and to the lip contours. The product is effective for women or men who like to have natural looking lips but with noticeably more volume. You can also go for a younger look with a filler that adds shine to the lips and gives smoothness and beautiful contours without major changes to the volume.

  • Fuller lips
  • Beautiful lip contour
  • Treatment plan based on your wishes
  • Our cosmetic doctors are affiliated with NVCG
  • Both male and female specialist

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Prices of a treatment

Restylane – Juvedermprice
0.5ml€ 300,-
1ml€ 550,-
2 ml€ 950,-
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