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Full face treatment

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Injectable full face

Full face treatment

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Liquid facelift with fillers

Are you bothered by the signs of aging on your face? Then the full face treatment may offer a solution. This treatment is also called a liquid facelift named. By means of fillers by inserting it in strategic places (the temples, cheekbones, jawline, chin and/or under the eyes), it is possible to soften or even make the signs of aging disappear completely. Contrary to many people's expectations, a full face treatment often creates the most natural result.

Full face treatment at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

  • A sleek, fresh appearance on your face
  • Personal treatment plan based on your wishes
  • Our cosmetic doctors are affiliated with NVCG
  • On average, our customers rate us with a 9.00

Facial aging is a complex interplay of several factors. To tighten the skin or to restore slackness in the face, it is important to maintain the right balance for the most natural result possible. By means of a full face approach, different zones are tackled in which innovative injection techniques are applied. This is how the cosmetic doctor not one zone, but he or she opts for a total approach that gives you smoother skin and tighter contours without looking treated.

When you opt for the full face approach, you discuss your wishes and the appropriate options with the cosmetic doctor. After the first consultation, you will receive honest and feasible advice to improve the contours and skin on the face.

Repeat full face treatment

The full face treatment has the advantage that no surgery is involved. The result is a natural, fresh look that you can enjoy for 6 to 12 months. After this period, the fillers are largely broken down by the body and it is possible to repeat the treatment without any problems. Sometimes only a touch-up is needed, you can discuss this during the appointment with the cosmetic doctor.

Our cosmetic doctors are affiliated with NVCG.

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