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Frequently asked questions about injectables

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Frequently asked questions about injectables

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Are you considering an injectable treatment? Then you have come to the right place at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. Do you have any questions before you visit? Then you may find the answer on this page. You will find frequently asked questions about this here injectables.

What are injectables?

Injectables are a collective term for agents such as botulinum toxin and fillers. Injectables are used to eliminate wrinkles and improve the shape of your face. The result is a younger and fresher appearance.

Are injectables safe?

Injectables are very safe when used by experienced and knowledgeable doctors. The doctors affiliated with Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen are very experienced in applying injectables and give various lectures worldwide about the safe use of injectables. In addition, all injectables that we use are completely biodegradable by the body, so that the risk of complications is nil.

I am afraid of needles. Can I still undergo the treatment?

For people who are afraid of needles, we offer a special program in which we personally guide you and give you extra attention. This way you can undergo the treatment with peace of mind.

Does an injectable treatment hurt?

Injectables are virtually painless. If you are very sensitive to pain, we will numb the area to be treated.

How long does an injectable treatment take?

Depending on your wishes, the injectable treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Can I experience side effects?

After the treatment, your skin may be red or swollen and bruising may occur. This usually goes away after a few days.

What can I do to prepare for a treatment?

You can start taking Arnica tablets 10 days before your treatment. This reduces the chance of bruising. It also helps if you do not take aspirin beforehand and do not drink alcohol and green tea. These blood-thinning agents cause bruising more quickly.

Do you have another question about injectables?

Then contact us without obligation! We are happy to help you. You can reach us during working hours on 020 – 3055 847 and Would you rather ask your questions during a personal consultation? That is also possible. The first consultation with our medical specialist is always without obligation.


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