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Fillers are used to reduce the appearance of aging on the face. Everyone ages in a unique way. This is a beautiful and natural process if you feel good about it. Ultimately, it's all about feeling good and confident. If you are bothered by wrinkles or sagging skin, or even become self-conscious about them, we can slow down the aging process with the help of fillers. Our cosmetic doctor is happy to help you with this!

What are fillers used for?

Fillers are used to replenish or restore lost volume in the face. Anyone who gets older notices that the skin can become less resilient and slack, leading to unwanted folds and wrinkles. With the help of fillers, these unwanted folds and wrinkles are filled in and contours in your face are restored and accentuated. You can think of restoring volume to the cheekbones and cheeks, correcting drooping corners of the mouth (we also call these marionette lines), tightening the jawline or accentuating the chin. Fillers are also used to give the lips more volume. In one or more treatments, your face will regain its balance with natural contours and smoother and firmer skin, making you feel better about yourself.

Fillers at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen

Our cosmetic doctors are affiliated with NVCG and experts in various treatments with fillers. They always strive for a natural result. They are happy to give you honest and personal advice about the possibilities for your wishes, after which you can come up with a suitable treatment plan together with the cosmetic doctor.

  • A sleek, fresh look
  • Personal treatment plan based on your wishes
  • Our cosmetic doctors are affiliated with NVCG
  • On average, our customers rate us with a 9.00

See below how a cosmetic doctor explains about fillers.

Our experienced doctors are already performing treatments from 30 minutes.

  • Treatment is more or less painless
  • Immediately visible result
  • Hardly any side effects

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Filler prices

View the prices of all injectables below. During your first no-obligation consultation, the cosmetic doctor will draw up a tailor-made treatment plan. The costs for a treatment with fillers depend on your wishes, age, the degree of aging and genetic predisposition. After the first consultation you know exactly where you stand. Make an appointment online now free of charge with one of our expert cosmetic doctors or contact us at 020 – 3055 874.

Juvederm - Restylane - Radiesse - Beloteroprice
1ml € 495,-
2 ml€ 950,-
3ml € 1.250,-
4 ml € 1.500,-
Each additional 0.5 ml€ 250
Light package 6 ml€ 2000,-
Medium package 8-10 ml€ 2750,-
Intense facelift 10 ml or more€ 3750,-
*All injectable treatments are not covered by insurance.
*Prices since 2023/12/21

Prices of other injectables

Skin improvement price
Skinbooster Profhilo
First session 2 ml€ 280,-
Treatment, 3 treatments (total 6 ml)€ 790,-
Body, 2 treatments (total 6 ml)€ 600,-
Biostimulator Sculptra
1 session€ 600,-
Treatment, 2 sessions€ 1100,-
Biostimulator Radiesse Hyper-Diluted
1.5ml€ 600,-

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Frequently asked questions about fillers

What are fillers?

Fillers are a form of injectables and offer a solution when you want to reduce or soften signs of aging in the face. After a treatment with fillers, you will experience smoother and tighter skin with fewer wrinkles and more volume. Most fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that also occurs naturally in our body. Fillers give you more volume in your lips or in your face, resulting in a younger appearance. Fillers are a noninvasive solution for a facelift, there is no to minimal recovery time and it creates natural results. This makes fillers very popular.

Are fillers safe?

At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, only A-brand degradable fillers, based on hyaluronic acid, are used. This makes an allergic reaction very unlikely. In addition, the filler, if necessary, is soluble. Through years of intensive international scientific research, we know that treatment with fillers is very safe.

Does a filler treatment hurt?

Most filler treatments are virtually painless. If you are very sensitive to pain, it is possible to numb the area to be treated.

Will I receive guidance?

Personal guidance and attention are central to Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. For example, if you are afraid of needles, please inform your doctor in good time. Then extra time and guidance will be provided to make sure you feel completely at ease.

How long does a filler treatment take?

Depending on your wishes, the treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

What is and is not allowed after the treatment?

You can immediately resume your daily activities or go to work after the treatment. We do not recommend using make-up within 4 hours after the treatment. In addition, we advise not to exercise intensively for 24 hours and to avoid other beauty treatments and high temperatures for 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment, such as in the sauna, sun or tanning bed.

What are the side effects of fillers?

After the treatment, the skin is usually somewhat red and swollen. This will go away quickly on its own. Sometimes a bruise occurs that remains visible for several days. After 4 hours you can safely camouflage this with make-up or apply Arniflor ointment. 

What can I do to prepare for a treatment?

To prevent bruising, it is best not to drink alcohol for 24 hours beforehand and do not take blood-thinning medication unless absolutely necessary such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and diclofenac. Some supplements such as fish oil also have a blood thinning effect and can increase the risk of bruising.

If desired, you can start taking Arnica tablets 10 days before your treatment

The consultation

Before the treatment, a free and non-binding consultation takes place with the treating doctor. During this meeting, your medical history and general health will be discussed. Your wishes in the field of cosmetics and examination of the face are then important to determine what is possible. The doctor determines the treatment process together with you in order to achieve an optimal result, with the focus on the most natural result possible.

The treatment

The treatment consists of a number of injections with an ultra-fine needle to place the filler in place. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used. The fillers are placed according to a specific pattern. In consultation and depending on the filler treatment, it is possible to numb the area locally with an anesthetic cream or liquid. The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. For more information about our filler treatments or to make an appointment, please contact us via 020 – 3055 874 or by e-mail at

After treatment

After the filler treatment, the skin may be a bit red and you may experience swelling(s). To limit this swelling and minimize the chance of bruising, the treated area is cooled immediately after treatment if necessary. Your skin may be a bit sensitive for the first few days after the treatment and may show slight blue discolourations as a result of the stinging. This is normal and will subside after a few days. In case of bruises, we advise you to avoid exposure to the sun to prevent pigmentation spots. We also recommend that you postpone sauna, solarium and other beauty treatments until 2 weeks after the treatment due to an increase in swelling and the risk of infection. After two weeks, the filler has fully settled into the tissue.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

Fillers are fillers that are placed in place using an ultra-thin needle. Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen (generally) uses fillers based on hyaluronic acid and these are completely biodegradable. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and provides proper hydration to the skin by retaining moisture, keeping the skin firm. It is one of the building blocks of the body. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin decreases and the subcutaneous tissue, bone and fat mass decrease, which can lead to wrinkles and folds. Fillers replenish the natural hyaluronic acid, fat mass and bone structure by forming small cushions in and under the skin. This softens the wrinkles and folds, giving you a fresher look and slowing down the aging process.

Am I entitled to compensation?

Treatment with fillers is generally not eligible for reimbursement by your health insurer, because it is usually not medically necessary. For questions about this, it is best to consult your health insurer.


A treatment with fillers gives back what time has taken away. After the treatment you will experience more volume in the face, tighter contours and fewer wrinkles and lines. The result of the filler treatment is quickly visible, but still changes in the first weeks. You will enjoy a filler treatment for an average of 6 to 12 months. During that period, the skin itself produces more collagen, so that a subsequent filler treatment is more effective and will give a longer-lasting result.


Meet one of our plastic surgeons during the intake consultation. Our experienced and specialised surgeons are here for you before and after the surgery.

Experiences with fillers

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