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Anti-wrinkle treatment

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Anti-wrinkle treatment

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Botox® is a very safe injectable and has been used in the world of cosmetics for over 40 years. By injecting Botox®, the muscle will relax and wrinkles, skin creases, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and a possible gummy smile will disappear. This will result in a softer and younger appearance. Additionally, Botox® is effective for the treatment of excessive sweating, tension headaches and neck pain, migraine, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching (bruxism).


  • Treatment is more or less painless
  • Hardly any side effects
  • The effect of Botox lasts 3 to 4 months
  • Botox is usually administered without sedation, but a local anaesthesia is possible
  • The result is usually from 1 week visible after the treatment, after 2 weeks it works optimally.

Depending on the treatment, the result will be visible after 48 hours. A Botox treatment usually takes no more than 30 minutes.

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Different types of Botox® treatments

Reduce mimic wrinkles

When we talk about mimic wrinkles, we are talking about wrinkles that are caused by muscle tension, such as frown lines, forehead lines, smile lines, bunny lines or crow's feet. These specific wrinkles can be remedied by a simple and short treatment. By means of Botox injections, the muscles relax so that wrinkles soften or even disappear. Our cosmetic doctors are specialized in the field of wrinkle treatments and know exactly what it takes to meet your personal wishes without losing the facial expression. The optimal result is visible after 2 weeks.

Botox® treatment against migraines

For the past 15 years, Botox has shown positive effects with all kinds of afflictions that are related to an increased muscle tension. The mechanism of the effect and process is still a subject of various studies, but the experience has demonstrated that about 70% of migraine (and other headaches) patients benefit from the use of Botox. These patients clearly notice an improvement in their complaints.

A treatment of the frontalis muscle is generally sufficient to give a clear improvement of the complaints. Depending on the pain, the back of the head can also be treated. In practice, the patient will keep a diary in order to “grade” the effect of Botox on the headache complaints in his or her specific situation. By administering a few small injections in a specific area, the tension of the relevant muscles is reduced. Most people find the injections painless. Read more about migraine treatment.

Botox® treatment of excessive perspiration

Many people suffer from excessive sweating. This can be especially noticeable under the armpits. Excessive sweating, also known by the medical term hyperhidrosis, can have a huge effect on someone’s social life.

There often is no clear cause for hyperhidrosis. The solution to the problem, however, is as simple as it is effective: Botuline Toxine (Botox®, Azzalure®). Injecting this substance into the skin leads to a reduction of the excessive sweat production with about 95%. It has no effect on the sweat production at other locations on the body. The excretion of waste products via perspiration also remains intact.   read more.

Botox® treatment of teeth grinding

Teeth grinding while you sleep is a problem that can lead to a number of complaints. Naturally, it increases the abrasion of the teeth (especially the enamel), but pain to the jaw joint and headaches due to an excessive tension on the masseter muscles are also very common complaints. 

By injecting a dosed amount of botulinum toxin (Botox®, Azzalure®), the muscle tension can be reduced which may relieve the complaints. In consultation with you, the attending surgeon will determine where the injections need to be administered. This injection plan is noted in your file and will be evaluated during the check-up consultation. When necessary, the treatment can be corrected at that time by administering additional injections. The effect of the treatment lasts about three to six months. The costs of the treatment depend on the amount of botulinum toxin that is required. The standard dose can be compared to what the cosmetics call ‘one zone’. Read more. read more.

Prices of treatment anti-wrinkle treatments

The prices for Botox are built up in zones. For example, a zone is suitable for treating frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow's feet. In addition to the area to be treated, the amount of Botox also has to do with the degree of your muscle strength and anatomy. Together with the cosmetic doctor, the dosage you need is mapped out.

The first consultation is complete free and without obligation.

Botox® price
0.5 zone€ 100,-
A zone€ 195,-
1.5 zone€ 275,-
Two zones€ 350,-
Three zones€ 450,-
Four zones€ 550,-
Armpits from:€ 495,-

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