Breast Implant Safety Information

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In recent weeks, several reports have appeared in the news stating that plastic surgeons will call all women with Allergan BioCel breast implants for a check-up. This statement by Minister Bruins has since been adjusted. Women with breast implants are advised to only consult their doctor in case of agitation or changes in the breasts. 

At Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen we think it is important that you are aware of all risks and complications before the operation. These are discussed in detail during the first consultation. In addition, all women receive information to take home after surgery that also states the type of breast implants. Keep this information well so that you always know which breast implants have been placed with you. 

There is no reason for concern or to remove the breast implants and our advice remains the same: make an appointment with the plastic surgeon:

  • If the breasts feel sore or hard;
  • If the breasts change shape disproportionately;
  • If there are lumps or other irregularities in the breasts that were not there before;
  • If swelling develops and the breasts feel warm.

If there are no complaints, there is no reason to have the breast implants checked.

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