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After a few years of absence, plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms is back at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. He explains what is so special about working in this small-scale clinic and about Crisalix: the new tool for plastic surgeons and patients to properly determine the desired result of their breast augmentation.

“Because the OLVG West, where I have been practicing for years, and the Jan van Goyen clinic work closely together, it was an easy step to get back to work here,” says Gijs van Selms. “The informal atmosphere, the Amsterdam environment and the excellent colleagues make EC Jan van Goyen a wonderful hospital to work in.”

Are there any other reasons why you are working at Jan van Goyen again?
Gijs van Selms: “The quality has improved over time. This is partly due to the recent renovation, as a result of which the clinic has made great progress and meets all modern requirements. It is a respected center and it has a very old name that we want to uphold. In addition, we are not a clinic that shouts that from the rooftops and we are a bit more solid.”

What exactly do you do at the Aesthetic Center?
“I am mainly attracted to the aesthetic care in the field of body corrections. By that I mean all forms of breast corrections, but also tummy tucks, liposuctions or lipofillings. I do the relatively simpler tummy tucks here at the aesthetic centre, the most extensive ones at OLVG West, because they are often too complicated and involve too many risks. I also do a number of facial surgery, such as eyelid corrections.”

Do you ever get separate requests from patients?
“You notice that in Amsterdam there are a number of patients who visit several clinics. These people want a certain operation and have it all in their heads. That's quite the link, because I don't always want to cooperate. It is good to always ask what people want to achieve with it. Sometimes a request is more psychological than physical. I think it's my job to protect people in it."

Do you have an example?
“I regularly get the request to operate on both the upper and lower eyelids, when this is actually not necessary. An upper eyelid correction alone is then sufficient and the lower part can wait. Often there is nothing different about it. It is mainly something of the patient himself.”

Is there one procedure that you enjoy doing more than the other?
“What I like, and for which there are a lot of requests at the moment, is breast and abdominal surgery. What makes it even more fun is that you can make a lot of people happy. In addition, you see a mixture of patients on both surgery and outpatient days. That combination of seeing different people and doing different interventions makes it fun for me to work.”

A new system has been launched: Crisalix. What is it exactly?
“Crisalix is a wonderful system that can perform 3D simulations. The patient can see in 3D what she will look like after a breast augmentation with different implants, giving the person a very good idea of the result.”

How will Crisalix help patients?
This will help patients because they can determine much better what they want with that adjustment of their breasts. How full do I want it? What awaits me? How do I look? But they can especially see very well what the result can be on their own body. It is of course also possible to bring a picture from a book or magazine, but with Crisalix you see it applied to your own body. I think that really appeals to people.”

What do patients say about Crisalix?
“I have had very good first experiences with the first patients. For example, there was a patient with a significant difference between her breasts (volume and symmetry). With Crisalix, the difference – even with a slight inequality – is very clearly measurable. The difference would otherwise never be measurable, unless fitting prostheses are used, but we no longer use these in the operating room. Fitting two prostheses into a bra is also nice, but it remains a glued-on imitation situation. It only becomes reality with a Crisalix image.”

Patient: “I was very excited to see myself with my new breasts on an iPad. Together with doctor. from Selms I looked at how different sizes looked on me. This made it easy for me to explain what I had in mind.”

Click here for more information about Crisalix and here for the website of Gijs van Selms.

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