Fillers or a facelift?

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Fillers or a facelift? What is the best option to prevent facial aging? Let's start at the beginning: fillers are injected by a cosmetic doctor in a treatment room and the facelift takes place under anesthesia in an operating room. The facelift is an operation performed by a plastic surgeon and the liquid facelift with fillers is also called a facelift without surgery. 

Both treatments offer a solution when you feel that your outside no longer matches your inside. Because everyone has to deal with the aging process. Some are slightly earlier than others and that has everything to do with lifestyle, wear and tear and heredity. One thing is clear: the skin loses collagen and elastin and subcutaneous fat and even bone structure decrease. You often notice this first in sunken jaws and temples. Your face changes and it is possible to do something about it.

Liquid facelift

The so-called liquid facelift is a great way to use soluble fillers recover the lost volume. Depending on the budget and wishes, a treatment plan is drawn up. The following applies to treatment with fillers: no anesthesia, no downtime and lower costs. Fillers often also offer a good solution for corrections after a facelift.

Face lift 

Through a  face lift the skin and the underlying muscle and connective tissue are tightened, so that your neck and jaw regain their contours. A considerably sagging skin is a good indication for a facelift. If the skin is slightly sagging, there may be other solutions.

Plastic surgeon Paula Roossink and cosmetic doctor Kajal Visscher-Surajbali share their professional view of both treatments in ZOZ Magazine. You can read the article here in edition 119.

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