Eyelid correction: question & answer

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Edin Hajder

We recently made an appeal on social media to our followers to ask us their questions about an eyelid correction. Several questions came in, which our plastic surgeon, drs. Edin Hajder, answered. You can read the questions and answers below: 

I had an eyelid correction ten years ago. Can I have this surgery done again?'

Edin: 'A eyelid correction lasts an average of 10 to 20 years, which varies per person. An upper eyelid correction can be performed more often. It is only becoming increasingly unlikely that the problem is excess skin on the upper eyelids. Often there is a drop in the eyebrows, and then we can make a forehead lift to do. Only a plastic surgeon who has mastered all the techniques can make that distinction and advise you on this during a non-binding consultation.'

Is an eyelid correction reimbursed?'

'An upper eyelid correction is only reimbursed by the insurance if there is a serious visual field limitation as a result of acquired sagging or paralysis of the upper eyelids. The lower edge of the upper eyelid (or skin fold) then hangs at least 1 mm above the center of the pupil when looking straight ahead. A GP can assess whether you meet these criteria and then refer you to a specialist. A lower eyelid correction is never covered by health insurance, because this treatment may not actually be necessary from a medical point of view. This is always a cosmetic procedure.'

Can you do an eyelid correction in the summer?

'It is best to decide for yourself whether this is an option for you. The eyelid correction takes place under local anesthesia and takes about thirty minutes, you can go home the same day. The recovery takes between 7-14 days! During this period you are not allowed to swim, exercise intensively or bend over.

It is best to go outside with sunglasses and a hat. As long as you protect the wounds and later the scars well against UV radiation, an eyelid correction in the summer is an excellent option. It even has advantages: most people have more rest in the summer and therefore the eyelids recover better. In addition, the eyes are often swollen after the procedure and discolouration may be visible. You can hide this nicely with sunglasses that you wear a little more often in the summer! The eyelid correction is therefore not a seasonal procedure. We recommend applying a factor of 50 to scars for the first year after each procedure.'

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