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Abdominoplasty experience: Lianne feels like herself again after her operation

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After a bypass operation, Lianne Baaij lost no less than 45 kilos. Although she was happy with the weight loss, she was left with excess skin. She decided to contact Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen to discuss the options for a tummy tuck.

“When I used to walk past the windows of shop windows, I would first see my stomach and then myself. I thought that was so bad. It made me unhappy and I thought: I don't want this anymore,” says Lianne.

Arrived quickly

“An acquaintance told good stories about plastic surgeon Drs. Roossink. He advised me to schedule an appointment with her for a no-obligation consultation. I followed his advice and a week later I was in Dr. Roossink's consultation room. After patiently listening to my story and looking at my belly, she immediately told me that she could make something very beautiful out of it. Luckily I didn't have to wait long. She was able to have me operate within two months and was even allowed to choose the date.”

The surgery

Lianne underwent the operation in October 2023. She was looking forward to getting rid of the excess skin, but was dreading the period after the operation. “That was right, because after the operation I had quite a bit of pain. Fortunately, the nurses at Jan van Goyen were very nice. In the evening, a nurse even sat with me for half an hour to chat with me. That was a good distraction. The morning after the operation my husband picked me up at 7am. Because we have six children, we arranged things at home in such a way that I was relieved of all my worries. After all, I couldn't and wasn't allowed to do anything for the first time.”

No regrets

In the weeks that followed, Lianne continued to struggle with pain and discomfort. Yet she does not regret the operation. “I certainly did the surgery for it. Even when I was at times through it, I never thought I wouldn't do it again. After all, I am very happy with the result. For a while now I have been feeling like my old self again and I feel much better about myself.”


“I get a lot of compliments in the store where I work. People I have known for years look at me and say: what happened to you? They all like it. I no longer have to go to special plus size stores, but can go to the same clothing stores as my daughter. And when I walk past the shop windows I now think: wow, my stomach is gone. That really makes me very happy!”

Lianne was operated on by drs. Paula Roossink.

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