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Barbara's breast augmentation

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How did the first contact at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen go?
“From the first contact with Jan van Goyen clinic I felt at ease. I was treated calmly and patiently and no matter how much I called or emailed with questions, I always got a good answer back quickly. Because I do not underestimate an operation, I also wanted a consultation with Drs. Roossink after my first consultation with a plastic surgeon. Just purely to go by the best feeling. During both my first and second consultation, I was well and competently helped. I explained that I find my body too round in relation to my breasts. I have lost a total of +/- 30 kilos and because of that I have lost about 1.5 cup size. I was proud of the fact that I was slimmer now, but my smaller breasts actually kind of shadowed this. I wanted the prostheses for the muscle because the idea of a muscle being cut didn't sound very appealing to me, but mainly because I was afraid of a double bubble.”

How did you ultimately arrive at the right size prostheses?
“Because my breasts are 13.5 cm wide, we immediately started with a 480cc prosthesis. I fitted the 480 cc and looked in the mirror. I had already had consultations at four other clinics and everywhere I looked rather strange at myself with the prosthetics. It didn't look like it was or could be mine. Which of course is not the case yet, so it was difficult for me to imagine what it would be like if the prostheses were really in my body. I was also advised the dual plane method everywhere while I indicated that I really wanted them for the muscle. At Jan van Goyen, the fitting prostheses were placed in the sports bra in such a beautiful way that it really felt like its own. How they do this I don't know but I looked in the mirror and finally saw a body that was "finished" for me. Everything was right. My breasts were back in proportion to the rest of my body and I no longer felt any doubt. Both surgeons I had a consultation with indicated that it was no problem for me to place the prosthesis in front of the muscle because I had sufficient coverage by my own tissue.”

And then you took the plunge?
“After the conversation with the plastic surgeon, I went to the consultant to discuss some practical matters about the operation and also to make an appointment with the anaesthesiologist. I really liked this order. Earlier I experienced that I had no conversation at all with the plastic surgeon about the operation or other substantive matters. While it is precisely this contact with the plastic surgeon that is so important. After the talks I planned the operation for six months later, this was the best time to take time off but I also wanted to have enough time to prepare myself. It would be my very first operation and therefore also my first anesthesia, quite exciting and you want to take enough time for the recovery. During the months leading up to the operation, I bombarded the clinic with emails and questions about the operation and recovery. Nothing was too much and I was always treated with patience and kindness. There is so much understanding that you absolutely do not feel like a number.”

Finally it was time 
“On the day of my surgery, I went to the clinic with my boyfriend. I was the first operation of that day, I had also given this as a preference so that I would still have the whole day to recover. Again the most friendly and patient people here. I was not afraid for a second and was in good hands. I was allowed to change in a separate room where my friend was still allowed. Then he left and I was allowed to walk with him to a room with the beds. A lot of explanation was given about what and why things were done. The anesthesiologist came by. When I told him that the anesthesia was the scariest thing for me, he really took the time to reassure me. Then Drs. Roossink came to sign everything, again she also told exactly what she was doing and what she was going to pay attention to. Then I was allowed to walk into the operating room. Then I got a bit nervous, but because everyone remained so calm and professional, this feeling quickly subsided. The anesthesiologist asked me about my last vacation while administering the anaesthetic, I remember describing the beach and I didn't even feel myself sink. Less than an hour later I woke up under a nice warm blanket. I didn't have a bandage or sports bra on yet, so I was able to take a look. I was very afraid that it wouldn't feel like my own body anymore but they were just my own breasts, but bigger, basically the way they were before I lost weight. I was so happy and relieved, the greatest tension was gone. I went back to sleep peacefully, I had no pain at all so that went well.”

How did you think the recovery went?
“When I fell asleep again in the clinic after the operation, I was woken up by a friendly nurse. I was a bit on my side and that is of course not the intention. I didn't realize this because I was in no pain at all. She helped me onto my back and slightly up, told me she'd called my boyfriend and roughly what time he'd come to pick me up. She also asked if I wanted something to eat and since you have to be operated on sober, I was now quite hungry for something to eat and drink. I was allowed to choose from all kinds of things and shortly afterwards I received what I had ordered. Then the sports bra went on, I was well helped to put it on and then I was allowed to pee. It surprised me how easily I could already walk and how good I actually felt. I was not nauseous and felt fine. Having urinated once and being checked by Drs. Roossink I was allowed to dress myself calmly. What was it all about me. Everything was explained to me calmly and I was given an envelope with the necessary information for home.”

How was the recovery process at home?
“My incisions were covered with plasters that had to stay on for two weeks. The agreement to have it removed was also stated in the information provided. I had indicated that my skin did not recover quickly in the past with stitches and that I had suffered unsightly wide scars as a result. drs. Roossink indicated that she would take this into account with suturing and that it certainly succeeded. After a few weeks, the plasters, which had remained fine despite taking a shower, were allowed to come off again. After 48 hours I was allowed to shower carefully again as long as the wounds didn't get too wet. When I saw the scars when removing the plasters, I was very pleasantly surprised. I have very pale skin and know that my scars can be purplish for up to a year, that's just the scarring of my skin. But they were already beautifully made in the fold and not big at all. They had healed well and are already beautiful. Magnificent. The first days after my surgery I only took mild painkillers. After five days I went back to work in the office, but after three days I could already sit down to the Christmas dinner. The only thing that was sore were my ribs. Getting up and down in bed was the hardest part and I slept on my back in a U-shaped pillow. After a week or two I went back to sleep and I could lie on my side better and better. During the first check it was also indicated that everything looked good. Two days after my surgery I dared to take off my sports bra to take a shower and watch. I liked the breasts from the first moment and that has remained. I barely had any bruising and not excessive swelling either. As a result, the result was already good.”

How do you now look back on the entire process?
"Very good! Although after 2.5 months I felt a kind of bump in my left breast. Because my mother died of breast cancer, I was very alert. I went to the doctor and after that I made an appointment with Drs. Roossink. Fortunately this was possible in the short term. Fortunately, it was not a malignant bump but a small wrinkle that occurs more often with hydrogel prostheses. There was nothing to see and nothing to worry about. To confirm this I called the clinic. It was no problem at all to get to Dr. Roossink to come by and this was soon possible. Also here the concept felt very nice. dr. Roossink confirmed the same. The hydrogel prosthesis can sometimes wrinkle a bit more than the silicone variants. After this appointment there were several occasions to come for a check-up, but in my case that was not necessary at all. It felt good and I experienced no complications. A year after my surgery I scheduled a final check-up, which I think is a great idea. I am currently seven months further and I am more than 100% satisfied. If I ever consider a cosmetic procedure again, it will be at this clinic anyway and if possible at Drs. Roossink. Everything went well for me 100% and I am still very happy with the result every day.

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Everything went well for me 100% and I am still very happy with the result every day.

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