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Jeffry's nose job: Still happy with his nose after 10 years

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Jeffry works as a consultant at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen and decided to have his nose operated on by Prof. 10 years ago. Dr. Gijs Nolst Trenité. We asked Jeffry if he is still satisfied with the result, to which he answered with a resounding "yes". Curious about his story? You can read it here.

Why did you consider a rhinoplasty?

'I thought my nose was a bit too coarse for my face. There wasn't much shape in my nose, and the nose tip was asymmetrical and angular, which I wanted to refine. I work together with Prof. Dr. Nolst Trenité and have seen many satisfied patients, which made the decision to undergo rhinoplasty easier. He really treated me as a patient and we looked in the mirror together. I didn't have to say anything, he actually said exactly what I had in mind.'

How do you remember the operation?

'I was operated on at Jan van Goyen Kade no. 1, where I experienced a homely atmosphere. I liked that the doctor stopped by before I had the operation. I still remember getting a pat on the head from the professor, and he said: “Just dream about a nice holiday.” I woke up, and the operation was over in no time; I didn't notice anything myself. Most patients I speak to during my work experience no pain. I felt a very slight burning sensation at the scar, but not painful at all. Other than that I had no pain.

I went home, the first night I didn't sleep very well and less soundly because of the nasal tampons. Fortunately, the nasal tampons could be removed the next day. Then I could immediately see what my nose tip looked like from the bottom; that was immediately a lot more symmetrical. Of course I couldn't see the rest through the cap on the bridge of the nose.'

Are you satisfied with the result?

'A week later the cap was also allowed to come off. I immediately saw a refined nose, but because it was just after the operation, the nose was still swollen, especially the nasal tip. The final result took me about 12 months. I am really happy with the result, my nose is now a lot more defined. To my surprise, I was also able to breathe better through my nose, which was a very nice added bonus.'

The operation was 10 years ago. Would you do it again?

'I would do 100% again looking back on it. The recovery went well, and after 10 years I am still very happy with the result.'

Are you also considering a rhinoplasty?

You are not alone. Every day, our medical specialists see people who are considering having their nose corrected. Whether from a medical or cosmetic point of view, one thing is certain: our doctors are happy to give you honest advice.

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