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Ramona underwent multiple operations with Drs. Joyce Florisson

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Ramona underwent several contour-enhancing surgeries with Drs. Joyce Florisson and shares her experience a few months later. 

Why did you think: now I want to have it done!
“I really wanted to lose weight and this worked out well. I was very happy with the result of the weight loss, slightly less with the excess skin. I felt I was not yet at a point where I could have this skin removed. Until a good friend pointed out to me that it was possible. Then I started looking into the possibilities. I have read many stories and looked at pictures. That really motivated me to get it done. Especially because I had already come so far with losing weight, I saw an operation as the icing on the cake.”

How did you end up at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen
“I am for my application for a tummy tuck first been to the hospital. What the plastic surgeon then discussed did not feel complete to me and there was too much doubt whether she could remove everything. I needed a different look from another plastic surgeon. In addition, a clinic felt better to me personally than the hospital. Then I started looking for a clinic in Amsterdam and ended up at the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. I was allowed to schedule a free consultation with the plastic surgeon and I wanted to hear what they had to say.”

What was your first impression?
“Despite the chic look of the clinic itself, it immediately felt cozy and familiar. The plastic surgeon listened carefully to my wishes and I was given every opportunity to ask questions. She reassured me, but also remained realistic about the result and possible complications. I thought that was very nice and clear. I liked it so much that I immediately decided to have surgery there. The consultant who went to see me for a date was very nice and also had experience with plastic surgery himself. That felt very nice.”

What do you pay attention to before making decisions?
“I make sure that the plastic surgeon gives a skilled and familiar feeling. A good feeling with the surgeon and the clinic is extremely important. I also think it is very important to be well aware of what the operation entails. I orientated myself by reading the experiences of other people. In addition, I went through all the information very carefully and especially wrote down questions and put them to the plastic surgeon.”

How did the surgery and recovery go?
“In just over a year I had 4 surgeries. The surgeries themselves all went very well. After the operations, I was well received and cared for in the clinic. The first 3 operations I stayed overnight. The care was very good and the nurses are friendly and helpful. I was unlucky that after my first operation it suddenly became over 30 degrees. The heat caused me to retain a lot of moisture. Fortunately, that has been solved with water tablets. Other than that, the pain and recovery were really not too bad for me 100%. The second operation was quite large and complicated. I had lost quite a bit of blood and they kept a close eye on me that day and night. That made me feel safe. I did have a complication during the last surgery on my arms. The wound on my left arm had opened. It took quite some time before the wound was completely closed again. Because I continued to suffer from it because the scar was not beautiful and very noticeable, the plastic surgeon decided to operate it again. A recovery operation. I really liked that. During the last operation the scar tissue was removed and now I have a neat thin line. It still looks a bit fiery but my other scars have faded quite a bit.”

Are you more comfortable in your own skin after the treatment?
“I feel a lot better and freer to show myself. Buying clothes has also become a lot easier. Before, I always wanted long-sleeved clothes because I was ashamed of my arms. I always left nice blouses or dresses without sleeves. Now that the excess skin is gone, I don't have to pay attention to that anymore. I feel a lot more confident and proud of myself for taking these steps.”

How are the reactions of other people?
“Other people compliment me and say I look good. They have seen me change a lot in the past year. I am always very open about my treatments and other people are often interested.”

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"I feel a lot better and freer to show myself"

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