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More self-confident through a breast augmentation

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Are you considering a breast augmentation? Then you have come to the right place at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. Curious how other patients have experienced this procedure with us? Then read on! Today we talk to Dewi, who underwent a breast augmentation with plastic surgeon Drs. Esther Moerman.

Why did you want a breast augmentation?

“I had a small C cup, which isn't small at all, but I thought dresses and tops didn't show off my breasts. To make me feel more confident, I opted for a breast augmentation.”

How did you end up at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen?

“At first I went to another clinic, but I didn't feel comfortable here at all. I told this to a friend, and she let me know that she had done a breast augmentation at Jan van Goyen. She was very excited about that. I then called for a consultation and that immediately sounded good. I was really listened to and I was able to get in quickly.”

How did the first consultation go?

“I came to a consultation with my husband drs. Esther Moerman. When we walked into the room it already felt so familiar. drs. Moerman listened to my wishes, calmly explained all the options and then we went to fit. I got on a sports bra in which she put bigger and bigger prostheses. Once we agreed on the prostheses, we discussed the operation. That could take place quickly, which was nice because I couldn't wait anymore! After the consultation, pre-photos were taken of my breasts and the consultant gave me the quote to take home.”

Come by for a consultation

You are very welcome for a no-obligation consultation with drs. Esther Moerman or one of our other plastic surgeons. A consultation gives you the insights you need to make an informed decision. Every day our doctors see women who are considering having their breasts enlarged. You are in good, safe hands with us.

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Which prostheses did you choose?

“I wanted my breasts to look as natural as possible. Dr. Moerman advised me on ergonomic prostheses from Motiva, because they fall naturally. She also placed the prostheses in front of the pectoral muscle, which also has a more natural effect.”

How was the day of surgery?

“I had some tension before the operation, but at the same time I was also looking forward to it because I knew I would get something beautiful in return. Because the recovery is very small-scale, I received all the attention of the nurses. That's so important. I chatted and laughed a lot with them, which made time pass quickly and I forgot my fear.

The operation lasted an hour and a quarter. Once I woke up in recovery I was wide awake right away. I was very hungry because of course I had been sober for a long time. I immediately got delicious country bread and a cappuccino. After fifteen minutes I already had to pee and got dressed. Everyone looked up to that. To be on the safe side, I had to stay for a while because of possible bleeding. After two hours I was allowed to go home. I almost regretted that, because I thought it was so much fun! I received a bag with aftercare information and the passport of my prostheses. That evening, Dr. Moerman called himself to ask how I was doing.”

Before & After breast augmentation EC Jan van Goyen experience

How did you feel the following weeks?

“The pain was not too bad for me, it remained with a little muscle pain. I only took paracetamol and diclofenac for a few days, after that nothing more because it was not necessary. The first weeks I was not allowed to do any heavy work or lift. That is quite a challenge with a two-year-old daughter, but luckily my husband was regularly at home and my sister-in-law was also with me for three days to help out.”

What do you think of the result?

"Beautiful! Actually right away. When I look down I am so happy. T-shirts and dresses now look much nicer, even without a bra. Last week I had a follow-up with Dr. Moerman. The scars are recovering well and my breasts look very nice. I'm an E cup now, and probably will stay that way. I would really recommend it to people who are in doubt. It costs a bit, but it's really worth the money. It makes you a lot more confident.”

Experience breast augmentation Jan van Goyen before and after

Dewi left her enlarge breasts at a plastic surgeon drs. Esther Moorman.

Are you also considering a breast augmentation?

You are not alone! Our plastic surgeons perform breast augmentations every day. This is a common procedure at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen and our doctors can tell you all about it. Are you considering this surgery? Book a no-obligation consultation or view here first more breast enlargement before and after photos.

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