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Jeffry underwent an upper eyelid correction

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Jeffry thought his upper eyelids were a typical family ailment – and he knew you were an eyelid correction would experience far fewer complaints. That's why he went for an eyelid correction drs. Paula Roossink. 

You have undergone an eyelid correction by plastic surgeon Paula Roossink, how did you experience this?
“I experienced the procedure itself as very relaxed, the assistant and the plastic surgeon talk you through the entire process. The signing was done with great precision, which instinctively took more time than the procedure itself.”

Are there many people in your area who have undergone eyelid surgery?
“Eyelid correction is very common in my family, my mother even had it done twice. So it's a real family problem."

Did you have any doubts before the operation
“I had absolutely no doubts before the procedure, I actually already knew that I would benefit a lot from it and afterwards this was also true. Besides that it all looks a lot fresher and younger, it also feels much "lighter". I no longer experience pressure on the eyelids, very nice!”

How do you prepare for an eyelid correction?
“There is no need for a lot of preparation for an eyelid correction. If you smoke, you must stop a week in advance and the same applies to consuming alcohol. For me it was important to have a lot of meaning! I believe that if you go into the procedure positively, it will influence the healing process.

Did the recovery go well?
“After an eyelid correction, my advice is to take a lot of rest and to pamper yourself a bit. The more rest you take, the sooner the swelling will subside and the faster you will recover.”

How do you find the end result?
“I am very happy with the result and now after more than 6 months the scar is barely visible!”

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