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Remove breast implants and fill breasts with lipofilling

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Rae had her breast implants removed and filled her breasts with lipofilling. She chose Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, where the operation was performed by Gijs van Selms. Rae is happy with the result and still stands by her decision. Today she shares her experience with this procedure, the doctor and our clinic..

How long have you had breast implants?

“After years of being dissatisfied with my AA breasts, I had my breasts enlarged in 2015. I was young, insecure and wanted to look more feminine. After the operation I felt fantastic and it was also 'necessary' because I had to find a way to work on my self-confidence.”

Why did you decide to have your implants removed?

“After six years of walking around with prostheses, I considered having them removed. In my eyes, the implants never became flexible and looked unnatural. Plus, I ended up finding them too impractical for my lifestyle. I was further along in my life and ready to embrace my natural body.”

How did you end up with plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms?

“I thought my breasts were too big, but I found it very exciting to go all the way back to flat. In 2020 I immersed myself in the option of removing my prostheses and filling my breasts through lipofilling. I went back to the clinic where my prostheses were placed, but they thought it was strange that I wanted them removed. After a few years of quiet thinking, saving and doing research, I read about drs. Gijs van Selms via Google. I read that he is one of the experts in explantation and breast correction.”

What did you think of the first consultation?

"Very pleasant! I felt welcome, heard and valued. Lipofilling was possible, but I had to promise drs. van Selms to gain weight. This was not a punishment for me and was also achievable. It didn't take long before I signed the quote and the operation was scheduled.”

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How did the operation go?

“The operation went very smoothly and smoothly. Everyone was friendly and although it went pretty fast, I feel like everyone took the time for me. The room was clean and cold, but the atmosphere was pleasant!”

Can you tell us about your recovery?

“I recovered very quickly. Everything hurt and felt bruised, but within three days I no longer needed pain relief. On the second day after surgery, I was able to shower on my own and resume light activities without too much difficulty or pain. After six weeks I could do everything again.”

Breast implant removal experience

What do you think of the result?

“I think it looks better aesthetically, but I also notice that I can move more easily. It also feels much lighter when I breathe and I can sleep on my stomach again!”

What would you say to others who are considering having their implants removed?

“Do what feels right. Take your time to research the possibilities and go to several clinics.”

What have you learned from your experiences over the past few years?

“I've learned that my ideal body is one I feel comfortable in. With the experience I have I hope to increase my self-acceptance. Anyway, I try to be nice to my own body and I won't compare it to other people's so quickly!”

Experience having breast implants removed

Rae left her remove breast implants and filling her breasts with body fat through lipofilling at a plastic surgeon drs. Gijs van Selms.

Are you also considering having your breast implants removed?

You are not alone! Every day, our plastic surgeons see women who have their breast implants removed. At Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen, this is a common procedure and our doctors are happy to advise you on this. Are you considering this surgery? Book a no-obligation consultation or view here are more before and after photos.

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