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Helen underwent a facelift by Drs. Paula Roossink

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When Helen (57) looked in the mirror she thought she looked older than she felt. Because she previously had a good experience at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, she decided to contact us and book a consultation with Drs. Paula Roossink.

During the consultation with Dr. Paula Roossink, Helen said that she was no longer happy with her face. It made her quite insecure sometimes. Helen: 'I noticed that my neck and jawline were sagging more and more. I also saw signs of aging in my neck. I did not use Botox or fillers and was curious about Dr. Roossink's advice.'

Face lift

'Drs. Roossink indicated that due to the decrease in fatty tissue and bone structures, my face was more sunken. Over time, the skin layers in my face have also sagged, due to, among other things, the reduction of elastin and collagen. The best option would be a deep plane facelift. This not only pulls the skin back and tightens it, but also moves the muscle and connective tissue layers in the face vertically upwards. This tightens the neck and jawline and reduces wrinkles.'

The procedure and recovery

'The procedure took approximately three hours and took place under general anesthesia. Afterwards Drs. Roossink immediately came by and indicated that the operation had gone well. I thought that was nice and reassuring! After one night I was allowed to go home again. The recovery wasn't too bad for me. I took two weeks off to take all the time I needed to do this. I have diabetes and therefore have a slightly increased risk of infection, but fortunately I have not had any problems with it. Fortunately, I didn't need the heavy painkillers that were prescribed.'

The result

'I think the difference between my face before and after the operation is really significant. Better than I even expected. Even at the first check-up, ten days after the operation, I thought it looked good. After 2.5 to 3 months I really saw the result as it should be. All the fluid was gone and the scars were a lot less fiery. I am happy that I underwent this procedure and would recommend it to others who are still unsure.'

Are you also considering a facelift?

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