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Leonie no longer wanted breast implants and opted for lipofilling

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Leonie came round in the spring of 2023 drs. Gijs van Selms for a consultation. Years ago she had breast implants placed to gain more self-confidence. After following a path of self-development and coaching training, they were no longer needed. The entrepreneur and widow with three children wanted to have them removed and asked Drs. van Selms for advice.

The first consultation

Leonie was soon able to go for a no-obligation consultation: 'When I came in for the first time, I immediately felt relaxed and good, everyone was so friendly. Drs. van Selms investigated how removing the implants was possible with the best possible end result. For example, he told me about the option to fill my breasts in a more natural way using natural material: lipofilling. This really appealed to me and that was my choice.'

Nice result

'The consultation was in May and I could have the operation in July. I was not nervous beforehand, I completely trusted Drs. van Selms. He had said: it will be very beautiful anyway! This turned out to be true: when I looked at the results after the operation I was so happy!'

Take rest

'After the operation I took a break for a while, after all it was a serious procedure. Fortunately, apart from the pain, I had no complaints, everything went well. I still think the result is beautiful and I am happy with the choice I made.'

Explantation & Lipofilling: Leonie's experience

Are you also considering having your breast implants removed?

You are not alone. Every day, our plastic surgeons see women who are considering having their breast implants removed. Whether from a medical or cosmetic point of view, one thing is certain: our doctors are happy to give you honest advice.

Would you like to make an appointment by telephone? That is of course also possible. You can reach us at 020 – 3055 847. Would you prefer more information first? Then we would like to refer you to this page. Curious about the results of patients who preceded you? You will find this here.

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