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Ellen Tiben underwent a prosthesis change with drs. Gijs van Selms

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Ellen Tiben is a Hormone & Lifestyle Coach & experience expert in the field of Hashimoto. She is also a consultant in the field of nutrition and stress reduction. At Jan van Goyen we are always curious about our clients and when Ellen came for a consultation with plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms we loved how honest she spoke about her prosthesis change.

What does beauty mean to you?
“When you're comfortable in your own skin, you radiate beauty! Beauty, as far as I'm concerned, comes from within and if you're happy when you look in the mirror, you radiate it outwards. ”

What don't you like?
“Too much. You can go beyond boundaries with makeup or plastic surgery. It looks unnatural and it's a shame. Everyone is starting to look a bit alike in my opinion. Of course you should do what makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes I try something and that's just what I come up with. For example, I use fillers to fill up my face a bit, but I do opt for natural products.”

When did you have a breast augmentation for the first time? Was this a conscious choice then?
“Eight years ago. I thought it was exciting and I didn't dare tell my parents. At that time I was already an adult and still very insecure about my breasts. Jokes were also made about it. It does have an impact, even if it's meant to be funny. In the end I talked about it with friends and made the decision. I just didn't feel feminine and that caused stress. Fortunately, my parents immediately supported my decision. I was very happy!"

How did you orient yourself?
“I researched everything in detail and was fully aware of all the risks associated with surgery. But what makes up for so much stress as a woman when you don't feel feminine? I was so insecure and have not regretted the breast augmentation for a day. I do think that there was less known then than today, there are of course so many developments taking place! Safety comes first and luckily that went well for me.”

Yet after eight years it was time for a prosthesis change?
“Because my breasts felt sore, I went to investigate. If nothing is wrong, you don't need surgery again. In my case, a prosthesis change was necessary. It is always good to have implants checked every ten years.”

How did you end up with plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms?
“I was already familiar with Motiva implants, so that choice had already been made. Of course I only wanted to be operated on by the best plastic surgeon and through Motiva I ended up with plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms in Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. The consultation felt good and the result is there.”

Why did you choose Motiva Implants?
“Motiva is of good quality and feels familiar. An important reason besides the SmoothSilk surface is the BluSeal® indicator. This ensures the presence of the barrier layer that stops the silicone.

How did you prepare yourself?
“With the right nutrition, extra vitamins and minerals to support recovery and rest. I have quite planned my agenda in the weeks after the prosthesis change and I have even left sports for two months while I am normally a blood fanatic! You can officially start again after six weeks!”

How did the prosthesis change at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen go?
"Very good! My breasts look more beautiful than before and everything went so well. Even the anesthesia I dreaded.”

What makes Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen so special?
“The location in Amsterdam, the information prior to the procedure, the time taken for you and the personal approach. Everyone is nice, the aftercare is good. Just great!”

What should women pay attention to when undergoing breast augmentation surgery?
“Orientate yourself well! Engage in informative conversations with people you trust and professionals. Consider carefully whether it is necessary and why you are doing it. Good preparation is half the job. Do not focus on the advantages, but also look critically at the disadvantages.”

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Do not focus on the advantages but also look critically at the disadvantages.

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