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Cheyen talks about her prosthesis change after pregnancy

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Cheyen is Yes-R's wife, mother and entrepreneur. She is regularly on the go, meets many inspiring people and knows what she wants in life. One of the things that was high on her wish list was a prosthesis change. After the pregnancy, her breasts were no longer what she was used to. The shape, the volume… suddenly everything is different. Therefore, she decided to make an appointment with Drs. Gijs van Selms.

Were you insecure about your breasts?
"Yes and no. I wasn't terribly insecure about my breasts, because in a bra and shirt my cleavage looked great. But my breasts hung without a bra, which makes sense because pregnancy changes your body. Because I was not happy with my breasts, I decided to look into a prosthesis change.”

Is a prosthesis change just as exciting as the first breast augmentation?
“Yes, I found it very exciting! My last surgery was 8 years ago so I had already forgotten what it was like. The only thing I could remember was that I was in a lot of pain, so I was really looking forward to that.”

How did you end up at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen?
“I have been operated on by plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms before. That's why I wanted to be helped by him again, because he knows exactly what he did last time. Many people in my circle of friends have also been treated in the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen and were all very satisfied.”

Are there other things to look out for during the initial consultation?
“I mainly look at what a clinic looks like. I think the appearance is important because you can see at a glance what a clinic is like. Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen has a chic appearance, is located in a beautiful location and there are experienced plastic surgeons, including Drs. Gijs van Selms. I know many people who have also been treated at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen and that offers confidence! Just like the fact that they have been around for thirty years. And of course what I'm asking is: is it going to hurt that much again?"

How did you think the surgery went?
“The operation went very well, before the operation the nurses are there for you who guide you well and give you explanations. I felt completely at ease and let it come to me. And when I woke up I immediately started feeling and looking at the result!”

You have two children, how did it go after the surgery?
“After the first operation I was in a lot of pain because the breast prostheses were placed behind the pectoral muscle. This was necessary because I have thin skin and still wanted a natural result. But man! It hurt so much for the first few weeks after the operation! Now that I am older I have more tissue of my own and therefore sufficient coverage for the implants. We have therefore chosen to place the implants in front of the pectoral muscle this time and that is suddenly not so bad! You can move again fairly quickly and only have a tight and sore feeling. That's it. A real difference from the first time. Of course I was still careful with lifting and intensive exercise, but it went very well with the children.”

Of course the most important question: how do you find the result?
“I am very happy, my breasts are a bit fuller but still natural. They don't hang anymore! I am also very happy with my choice of Motiva prostheses, they are very safe and new to the market. I chose Ergonomix. You have a low, medium and high profile and I chose medium. Plastic surgeon Gijs van Selms used the same scar, so I didn't get an extra scar. The previous cut was very small and nicely done, you almost didn't see the scar and it is now again."

Do you have any tips for women considering a denture change?
“Yes, it is important that you go to a good doctor and clinic. Choose someone who has a lot of experience. Sometimes I see breasts passing by on Social Media and then I think omg, so ugly, way too high or a very big scar, very fake. I don't like that myself, I like natural. I advise you to change the prosthesis, if you no longer wish to have children, the result will remain more beautiful. It is also important to know which prostheses you take, that determine the shape of your new breasts. The plastic surgeon also advises you to replace the prostheses after 20 years, do not walk around with them for too long. Take care of your body. And thoroughly familiarize yourself with the clinic and doctor and of course the brand of the prostheses. And don't look at what is cheap because cheap is usually expensive and you have to want the best for your body.”

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I advise you to do a prosthesis change, if you no longer wish to have children, the result will remain more beautiful

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