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Botulinum toxin treatment by Drs. Eda van den Boogaard – Okatan

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Jessica was bothered by the wrinkles in her forehead and ended up coming to drs. Eda van den Boogaard – Okatan, our cosmetic doctor. During the consultation, Eda asks questions and explains the options, after which they decide together to treat the frown and forehead wrinkles with botulinum toxin (muscle relaxants). Curious about her experience? You can read it in this interview.

How did you come up with the idea to undergo botulinum toxin treatment?

“Already at a fairly young age I suffered from deep wrinkles. I am now 27, but the wrinkles in my forehead have been bothering me for at least 5 years. At first I didn't know anything could be done about this, I always thought that botulinum toxin only worked to prevent wrinkles; not to actually make the wrinkles disappear. I had actually already resigned myself to it when someone told me that botulinum toxin could help with this. I then went to a cosmetic clinic and after 4 months I had a repeat treatment done at a second clinic. At both clinics I was not very pleased with the results: my eyebrows had sagged and lost their shape. The wrinkles were gone, but not quite in the way I had hoped. I therefore continued my search and ended up at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen.”

How did you end up with us?

“Actually through the grapevine. A friend of mine also visited Eda and was very pleased with her working method. The result also looked good for him, so I decided to book a consultation.”

How did you experience the consultation?

“The consultation was great! Eda took plenty of time to find out what bothered me. She asked a lot of questions and made suggestions herself. At the other clinics, virtually nothing was asked and we moved on to the treatment very quickly, so I was very pleased that Eda took the time for this. This gave me the confidence that she really strives for optimal results.”

How did you experience the treatment?

“Actually very nice too. Here too, Eda really took her time and nothing was rushed. She carefully signed off everything and explained exactly what she was doing. I barely felt the injections.”

And not unimportant: what do you think of the result?

“The result is great! The wrinkles in my forehead, including the frown line, are gone. My eyebrows have been slightly lifted, this was Eda's advice, and I am also very happy with that. I was hesitant to undergo botulinum toxin treatment again because my previous experiences were not so positive, but I am very happy that I did it anyway. I will definitely come back to Eda.”

Do you have any tips for others?

“I understand very well if people have doubts about these types of cosmetic treatments. After all, you never know in advance how something will turn out and whether the doctor is expert enough. This also made me a bit anxious, but Eda is a doctor who puts you at ease. During the treatment she really shows that she knows what she is doing and wants the best for you as a customer. So my tip is: book a treatment at Eda and experience the difference with other clinics for yourself. After a treatment at Eda, you will probably never want to go anywhere else again!”

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