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Botulinum toxin and filler treatment after an accident

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In November 2016, Chailynn Blonk (20) had a bizarre scooter accident. Her recovery took a few months, but after that she kept visible damage to her face. drs. Fortunately, Aleid Koppius, cosmetic doctor at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen, was able to help her.

Intense experience
"I was riding the scooter home at night and was very tired," said Chailynn. “When I turned a corner, I fell asleep and collided head-on with a car that was parked. I was immediately unconscious. My neighbors found me and called the ambulance and police. I woke up just as the doctor at the hospital was stitching my lip. That was a very intense experience.'

“It turned out I had a severe concussion and my nose and cheekbones were broken. Also, my front teeth had slumped and my lower lip pulled in. I had about sixteen stitches in my chin that later left me with nasty scars.

The first few months I mainly suffered from the concussion. I couldn't even sit up because that would make me throw up. Once home I was rushed to the hospital a few times and had to take morphine. When I felt a little better I went back to school, but I couldn't stand it when everyone was talking at the same time. It wasn't until months later that things got better. The only thing I found really annoying then was the lip that had been pulled in and the scars on my chin.'

Looking for a treatment
'The doctor advised me to go to a cosmetic doctor for my lip. I then started looking for a clinic that was well-regarded. That's how I came to drs. Aleid Koppius visit the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. The intake was free, so I had nothing to lose.'

drs. Aleid about the treatment
Chailynn visited my office with her parents. I remember it well. She was very nervous but determined to do something that had bothered her for so long. For me, the latter was the most important. Chailynn is still relatively young and personally I am not in favor of cosmetic treatments at a 'young' age (apart from the fact that we have a minimum age of 18). However, this was different. Chailynn's confidence dropped day by day after her accident. She hid her smile behind her hand. In an extensive consultation we discussed all options and a month later I performed the treatment with her. The treatment was twofold. On the one hand, it was necessary to temporarily relax some muscles around the mouth with botulinum toxin. Muscles had been damaged by the accident and some worked less as a result, others worked harder. I tried to replicate the volume created by the scar tissue on the left side of Chailynn's lip on the right side of her lip to create as much symmetry as possible. I did this with a temporary hyaluronic acid filler. Of course, the correct proportion of upper and lower lip must be taken into account. I therefore made the upper lip a fraction fuller. Finally, I made the scar tissue more supple and even with the same hyaluronic acid filler.'

Botox and filler treatment after an accident

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